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Lost Producers Celebrate after Watching How I Met Your Mother Finale

Written by ThanosCopter on Tuesday, April 01 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Lost Producers Celebrate after Watching How I Met Your Mother Finale

The producers were happy their ending could no longer be called the worst finale of all time.

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After How I Met Your Mother aired its final episode last night, fans expressed contempt, disdain and utter disgust for how the long running CBS comedy ended.  Many even went as far as to statethat the show had "the worst ending in television ever", and vowed to burn leading actor Josh Radnor's childhood home in Bexley, Ohio down in retribution.

While CBS executives were disappointed with how fans are reacting to the show, two television producers are actually quite thrilled.  Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, executive producers of Lost, have been celebrating all night after learning that How I Met Your Mother's finale had officially supplanted their show's finale as the worst in modern television history.  "Woohoo!" said an obviously inebriated Lindelof as he spoke to the Outhouse.  "We're not the worst! We're not the worst! We're not the worst!"

Cuse admitted that he was worried for a while that Lost would live forever in television infamy.  "But when I heard that How I Met Your Mother planned on killing off the title character," Cuse said. "And then reversing a wedding that they had spent an entire season building up, I knew our days of having the worst finale of all time were numbered."

"I fucking hate Ted Mosby," Lindelof said, interrupting Cuse.  "He's like a combination of Jack, Kate and fucking Lori from The Walking Dead.  I'm so glad they killed him off." 

"They didn't kill him off, Damon," Cuse said.  "They killed off his wife.  You know, the one they had spent the entire show introducing?  The one truly likable character in the show?"

Lindelof's mouth dropped.  "What?" he said.  "That...that just sounds stupid.  Did she at least die saving the world and all her friends from some sort of vaguely defined ultimate evil?" 

Cuse shook his head.  "Nope, just a vague illness.  And then after reminiscing about her, Ted hooks up with the girl the show had spent eight seasons showing was a bad fit for him."

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck," said Lindelof.  "That sounds so terrible. I need to send CBS a fruit basket or something."  

When asked if they had any advice for How I Met Your Mother's showrunners, Cuse laughed.  "When people ask if that was always the ending to the show, change your answer every few months just to piss your fans off.  And be sure to constantly refute any fan theories that could be used to explain why your ending was so bad." 

"Or just move on to other projects," Lindelof said.  "Find a couple sci-fi properties to reboot.  Or maybe a spin-off of your existing work."

Cuse stared at Lindelof for a moment.  "Wait a second, have you been...working on other projects without me?!  You told me that you were taking some time off to spend with your family!"

Lindelof quickly grabbed a bottle of booze and took a giant swig.  "WOOOO!  We're not the worst!" he shouted, ignoring Cuse's glare.  



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