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Amazing Spider-Man Sells Over 500,000 Copies (to Retailers)

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, April 01 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Amazing Spider-Man Sells Over 500,000 Copies (to Retailers)

What's Dan Slott's mom gonna do with those 425,000 copies?

Source: CBR

CBR is reporting that Marvel told them that Amazing Spider-Man #1 has surpassed 500,000 retailer orders.

Oh, excuse me...

Marvel EXCLUSIVELY told them. Exclusive was in italics in the first sentence of their article, to make sure you noticed it. Let's all take a moment to bow down and worship CBR as our lords and masters because they got this juicy exclusive bit of news.

We'll wait...

Oh, yeah, CBR... that's a really big exclusive... it's massive... mmmm... I don't know if we can handle an exclusive that big... what? Oh, it's way bigger than Newsarama's exclusive... the biggest we've ever seen... mmmmmmpppphhhhh...

Now that we've got that out of the way, CBR is reporting that Marvel has sold over 500,000 copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1, a giant sized 64 page issue that hits stores later this month and features a cover price of $5.99. The number makes the book the highest selling single issue in the last decade.

Of course, it should be noted that these are sales directly to retailers, which doesn't necessarily correlate to reader sales. After all, how many copies of 1991's X-Men #1 can you still find in the quarter bin at your local shop to this day? Retailer orders are inflated by factors like incentive variants, which reward retailers for purchasing a lot of copies by giving them ultra rare variants to sell on ebay. In addition, it's likely that many shops mistook Humberto Ramos's terrible artwork for some kind of charity for horribly disfigured people and assumed it was a tax writeoff.

Even so, it's a pretty damn impressive number, especially when the highest selling books nowadays barely top 100,000. Will Marvel follow up by replacing more of their popular heroes with villains so they can reap the return boost? It's hard to imagine they won't, because if something works once in the comics industry, it's bound to work over and over again forever and ever.

In any case, this makes Dan Slott the highest selling single issue comic book writer of the last decade. He's never gonna let people forget about that on Twitter.

Below, find CBR's EXCLUSIVE!!!!!! preview of three pages from the issue, which we've EXCLUSIVELY downloaded and uploaded to The Outhouse. Whatcha gonna do about it, punks?!

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