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Kirby Copyright Case Headed to Supreme Court?

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, April 03 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Kirby Copyright Case Headed to Supreme Court?

It's not like the Supreme Court has anything better to do.

Source: Robot 6

Robot 6 is reporting that super-lawyer Marc Toberoff and the Kirby heirs are taking their fight to regain control of most of the Marvel Universe all the way to the top: the United States Supreme Court. The court case has been going on for years, and we all know the story by now. Kirby's heirs claim that Jack Kirby's work prior to 1978 was not work for hire and that the copyright should revert back to them based on provisions of the U.S. Copyright Act. Disney believes that they should own the rights to everything forever based on the fact that they have a shitload of money, which is admittedly congruent with the spirit of American capitalism.

Many believed the case was over last year when the Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a 2011 ruling that Marvel could keep the copyrights because they are a corporation, which are entitled to more rights than people, especially artists. However, those pesky Kirby heirs just won't stop bothering Marvel, so it looks like we may get to see this one go all the way to the top. Of course, if the Kirby heirs were ever to actually win, Disney would simply funnel more money into the campaigns of U.S. Senators and Representatives to get them to rewrite copyright law like they do every time their characters are in danger of entering the public domain.

See the comments section below in about five minutes for sad examples of fanboys defending a corporation's right to own intellectual property for all of eternity because they like to read Spider-Man.

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