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Amazons Attack Writer to Helm Teen Titans Relaunch

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, April 08 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Amazons Attack Writer to Helm Teen Titans Relaunch

A Teen Titans Reboot. A Deadly Bee Weapon... Bees. My God.

DC is pulling out all the stops to make sure the next iteration of their popular Teen Titans book goes better than the last one, and by pulling out all the stops, we mean putting a writer whose entire life's accomplishment boils down to one panel from the terrible Amazons Attack miniseries, immortalized forever in internet meme form:

That's right, though Will Pfeifer has written multiple issues of Catwoman, Blood of the Demon, and Aquaman, amongst other comics, he will go down in history for that 242x170 pixel panel featuring Batman uttering what may be one of the most legendarily absurd phrases in the history of comic books. Despite the fact that Pfiefer is currently writing another book for DC RIGHT NOW - the infamous Red Hood and the Outlaws - we still had somehow blocked his entire career out of our minds and assumed he had written just that one mini-series and then flown off into outer space to return to his home planet until we learned he'd be taking over the Teen Titans reboot, which, oh yeah, is happening in July.

Kenneth Rocafort will handle art duties. That's right, this guy:


Current Titans scribe Scott Lobdell will move back to Red Hood and the Outlaws, as we previously reported, so that he can fully take charge of Starfire's sexual agencyNewsarama has an interview with Pfeifer, and here's an excerpt in which he explains the relaunch:

Nrama: As you start with a new #1 issue, what are your thoughts about relaunching the title? This team doesn't look that different from the last one — why the relaunch and new #1?

Pfeifer: Putting the #1 on the cover of our first issue accomplished a couple of things: First of all, it draws attention to the book. There are so many comic books competing for the readers’ attention now – not just with other books but with videogames, TV and that little thing called “the internet” – that anything we can do to lure some eyes to our cover is something I’m all far.

But even more importantly, that #1 lets the reader know that this isn’t just a continuation of the other series. Yes, the Titans are the same heroes, and no, we’re not going to kick things off with a year of origin stories, but we are heading in a new direction and exploring some new themes.

If you’ve been reading the book, by all means, keep reading it. (Please – I have a daughter who’s going to need braces soon!)

But if you haven’t been reading Teen Titans, give this version a shot. I don’t think there’s another book on the shelves quite like it.


Did you get all that? No, you didn't. Because all you can think about is this:

Head over to Newsarama for the full scoop, we guess. Hey, it can't be worse than Lobdell!

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