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G-G-G-GAME CHANGER: Comixology Purchased by Amazon

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, April 10 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

G-G-G-GAME CHANGER: Comixology Purchased by Amazon

Drones will now deliver digital comics to your house.

Source: Comixology

As clairvoyant British mud-slinger Rich Johnston predicted, Comixology has announced that it will be purchased by Amazon.  In a choppy and slanted letter posted on their site, Comixology CEO David Steinberger announced the acquisition, mentioning the Kindle as a possible point of entry for even more readers.  Specific terms for the sale were not disclosed, but the sale is expected to be completed by the end of 2014's second quarter.  

Frankly, this is a gamechanger for the entire comic book industry.  Amazon has officially entered the comic book distribution market and is now the number one source of digital comics content. By Comixology's numbers, digital comic sales represented about 25% of the comics market, I'd presume that number will increase even more as comics become instantly available on millions of Kindle devices.  

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