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DC Sinks To New Low, Spoils Comic in Own Title

Written by ThanosCopter on Wednesday, April 16 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Sinks To New Low, Spoils Comic in Own Title


Source: LA Times

DC announced this morning that Peter Tomasi and Andy Kubert will be releasing a one-shot in July entitled Robin Rises: Omega, which will presumably tie into Tomasi's ongoing "Hunt for Robin" arc in his Batman and ___________.  While the easy money is that the Robin rising will be Damian Wayne, Batman's son who was killed off last year in Batman Incorporated, Tomasi stressed that there may be a twist or two coming.  When Robin Rises: Omega ends, Batman and _____________ will return to its original Batman and Robin title and see Batman face forces from Apokolips, because a dude with Batarangs and fancy vehicles is the perfect solution against an evil alien planet ruled by the DC embodiment of evil.  

While I do think it's a little suspect that DC is releasing the end of the "Hunt for Robin" arc in a seperate one-shot that's $4.99, Tomasi claims that the issue is a standalone that new readers will be able to pick up and enjoy.  I don't know the truth of that, but I suppose we'll find out the truth of that in a few months.  And the $4.99 price tag is a bit justified considering we'll be getting 38 pages of artwork as opposed to the usual 20, so we're actually getting a lower price/page ratio than what we get in a normal 20 page comic (a $2.99 book with 20 pages of art has a price per page ratio of $0.1495 per page, while this comic will have a price per page ratio of $0.1313 per page).  

So why did I go and use such a bombastic title for this article? To lure some of you folks who constantly scream RESET THE COUNTER at us everytime DC does anything so we can have a talk.  

I understand that the whole DC Counter bit is a monster of our creation, and I understand that we were a bit overzealous in the early days of the counter.  But as with most things on the front page of the Outhouse, we've grown over time and aren't trying to be pedantic towards DC as we were a year ago.  We're not going to reset the counter because DC wants to try something new.  We're not going to reset the counter every time DC announces a new comic, even ones that might spoil a bit of the plot like "Robin Rises: Omega".  Why?  Because DC is a company that is entitled to trying to make money, and we're not going to try to pot stir just because the old dudes who used to read DC really don't like that they tossed out their continuity two years ago.

We will reset the counter when DC employs a shortsighted gimmick to sell comics, because that hurts the industry.  We'll reset the counter everytime they push a creator out with their stupid editorial micromanaging (which has been less of an issue as of late, it seems), because that hurts the industry too.  Every time they engage in stupid backwards thinking towards diversity, or women, or anything that doesn't involve old white dudes, we'll reset the counter because that hurts the industry.  When they do something that we think hurts the industry, we'll use the counter to bring attention to it.

But we're not going to reset the counter because they're doing something to your favorite character that you don't like, especially since you're probably going to read the goddamn book anyways.  That's on you for being fucking obsessed with a bunch of fictional characters.  So stop emailing and facebooking us to do so.  This isn't DC HATERS CENTRAL, despite our well-documented issues with the company.  Again, this is a monster of our own creation, and I guess that's what we get, but please stop being annoying about it, 'kay?

Anyways, Robin Rises: Omega comes out in July.  All you Batman obsessed weirdos will probably whine about it for the next three months and then read it anyways.  


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