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All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder Not Canceled, Just Really, Really Delayed

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, April 21 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder Not Canceled, Just Really, Really Delayed

At the DC All Access panel at WonderCon, artist and Co-Publisher Jim Lee reveals that he's still sort of working on the beloved series.

Source: Newsarama

Hey, remember back in 2009 when we all sort of figured out that Frank Miller and Jim Lee had abandoned their controversial but, in this reporter's opinion, brilliant satirical take on Batman in All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder? Well, it looks like we were wrong, because DC Co-Publisher and human cat Jim Lee was asked a question at the DC All Access Panel at WonderCon this weekend and he shockingly revealed that he and Miller still kinda sorta plan to finish it, maybe, someday. From Newsarama:

It appears that All Star Batman & Robin Volume 2 remains a long way from reality. Lee mentioned that he met with Frank Miller a month ago. “He’s a pretty busy guy; he's got Sin City 2 [the movie] and he'll be at Comic Con to promote that. He's fired up about comics. There are pages drawn and scripts written, but I’ve got to take a break after I finish Superman Unchained. I have interest and he has interest.”


That's right. Though the last issue of this comic came out over five years ago, and a planned relaunch in 2011 didn't pan out and was never mentioned again, Lee and Miller haven't given up. They're just taking a break. Lee, after all, needs to regain his strength from living underneath a neighbor's shed for a week after Bob Harras accidentally let him out of the house, and Miller... well, prostitutes aren't gonna bang themselves now, are they?

Look for All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder in all its ridiculous glory sometime before you die, if you're lucky.

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