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Well, When You Put It That Way: This Week’s Hugo Controversy

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, April 22 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Well, When You Put It That Way: This Week’s Hugo Controversy

Can we all agree, fake or not, that "Vox Day" is a stupid name?

Source: Another Day, Another Hugo Controversy

[Last night in The Outhousers Writers Room]
[The below may or may not have actually happened, I’m not all that good at distinguishing reality from fantasy]
[Not that Jude is in a lot of my fantasies]
[Shut up!]

RU: I have to say, a lot of this internet outrage is getting pretty old. Not that the Teen Titans cover wasn’t awful, but, much like any kind of discourse in this country (and therefore the world), once people “pick a side” there really is no convincing them of any other POV.

Jude: Tell me about it. The other day I wrote a test algorithm based on past gender debates just to see how predictable the debate would be and after just a few modifications, it scored a 85.46%. That’s a solid B!

RU: Shouldn’t you have been doing work at work?

[Jude and RU laugh hysterically]

RU: Its just so boring nowadays, I wish some one would throw a firecracker at the internet comic book community just to change things up.

Jude: Didn’t Vince Coleman get in trouble for that in '93?

RU: Wow, a 20 year old baseball reference. That’s how we get the new comic book readers.

Sds: Ummmm, guys, you see this?

RU / Jude: DIBS!!

[RU throws a vegan chocodile out the door. Jude rushes after]



This Year’s Hugo Awards can’t seem to get away from putting their foot in one pile of shit or the other. First it was people complaining because Jonathan Ross (some sort of British comedian) volunteered to host the awards for free, something that really appeals to the Jew in me. Thankfully Ross was pulled from the show favor of, I don’t know, a Muppet farting rainbows? Who cares?

But now, whoa nelly, it's like the Hugos said to themselves:

Man with bad teeth #1: Hugos, we really haven’t done much for The Outhousers, how can we throw them a bone?

Man surviving on boiled cabbage: Misogyny?

Man with bad teeth #2: Been done to death.

Man surviving on boiled cabbage: Racism?

Man with bad teeth #1: done and done, my good man.

Man surviving on boiled cabbage: Anti-Semitic?

Men with bad teeth: Closer…

Ginger woman with 10,000 freckles: Is there any way we can combine all three?

Enter Vox Day (seriously, what a fucking stupid name), Hugo nominated writer for Best Novelette for Opera Vita Aeterna. I’m not going to go into everything BleedingCool did on Mr. Day, but wow – dude is the real deal.

Racist? Check :

If Americans can find the courage to consciously reject the myth of the melting pot and expel the Mexicans from the American Southwest, the Arabs from Detroit and the Somalis from Minneapolis, they can reclaim their traditional white Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture.

Misogynistic? Check:

I'm just curious what basis the moral relativists have for condemning rape in the first place. If I deem the slaking of my desire for lust - or violence, if you prefer that theory of rape - to be an intrinsic good, who are you to condemn it? Certainly, one could argue that it is a violation of private property rights, but then, what of those moral relativists who reject the notion of private property. If all property is held in common, then how can a woman object if I decide to make use of that which belongs to me?

Anti-Semitic? Check:

As for the myth of the American melting pot, it should suffice to point out that the idea was popularized by a Russian Jew who emigrated to England, never lived in the United States and was a fervent believer in the cause of establishing a Jewish homeland.

I must say, Hugo Awards, well done.

I haven’t read the story Vox is nominated for, and I’m not really planning on it. Not because of any boycott or whatever, but because I don’t care. But I will give the benefit of the doubt that it was worthy of being nominated, if only for purposes of this argument. Speaking of arguments:

In before the jackasses – THIS IS NOT A 1ST AMENDMENT ISSUE! I know that Vox’s fans or those that agree with him will try and turn this into some sort of free speech debate. It's not. No one has impeded Vox’s ability to say assholey things, be an asshole, or even publish his asshole blog. Free speech isn’t freedom from consequence. What the real question is: Should a person’s past, political beliefs, previous publications, or general personality disqualify their work from being recognized?

In all honesty, I don’t know. My knee-jerk reaction always seems to fall on the side of whether or not I agree with, condone, or care about what those previous violations were. That’s probably the human reaction anytime something like this happens. In a perfect world someone's work should stand on its own merits and not be beholden the creator's personal beliefs. On the other hand, fuck Mel Gibson.

For now, all I’ll say is that Vox Day (seriously, you’re a writer and this is the name you came up with?) appears to be a tool-bag of the highest order, but should that disqualify his work, Opera Vita Aeterna, from being recognized?


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