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Charles Soule to Write "Death of Wolverine" Event, Solidifies Status as Outhouse Hero

Written by ThanosCopter on Friday, April 25 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Charles Soule to Write

Charles Soule will deliver the coup de grace to the most overused character in Marvel history.

Source: EW

Marvel announced this morning that Charles Soule and Steve McNiven will be killing off Wolverine in the aptly titled "Death of Wolverine" miniseries, which will run weekly in September.  The series will focus on Wolverine's attempt to live his life without a healing factor, with a presumably fatal outcome.  

While Wolverine will likely only be dead for a few months, Marvel has promised that the Marvel Universe will feel the effects of his death.  While no exact plans have been announced, Marvel refused to comment on a rumored fifteen issue "Funeral of Wolverine" miniseries, in which various Marvel characters pee on his grave, which almost certainly means that it's in the works.  

Reaction to the announcement has been mixed at best.  Outhouse bigwigs Christian Hoffer and Jude Terror have already begun planning a ticker-tape parade for Soule and McNiven, and have contacted several celebrities to speak at the celebration.  Actor James Marsden, Canada's new favorite son Steve Nash, and Vice President Joe Biden are all confirmed to make appearances at the event.  Meanwhile, friends and family are keeping a close eye on writer Jason Aaron, who is reportedly devestated by the development.  

Here's a look at the first cover of the event, courtesy of EW.

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