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C2E2: So What's This Death of Wolverine About Anyway?

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, April 28 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

C2E2: So What's This Death of Wolverine About Anyway?

The Outhouse wades through the hyperbole to find the answer!

Source: CBR

Marvel held its No Seriously We're Totally Gonna Kill Wolverine We Really Mean It panel at C2E2 today, and fans got a little more info on just what the ol' Canucklehead has in store come September. While the storyline will begin in Paul Cornell's "Three Months to Die" story in June's Wolverine #8, the death of Wolverine proper will take place in a four issue weekly series in September which the company hopes will stave off some of the market share loss Marvel will suffer at the hands of DC's 3Dnado sequel. But according to writer Charles Soule, the Death of Wolverine (TM) in the Death of Wolverine mini-series (TM) following the Three Months to Die (TM) storyline is not really about Wolverine dying (TM). No, it's about how he lived.

It's going to hit really fast and really hard. It gets bigger and bigger and bigger...and at the ending Wolverine does die, but that's not really what the book was about. The book is about how Logan confronts the idea of his own mortality.


Soule explained that each of the four issue weekly issues will showcase a different Wolverine. For instance, the superhero X-Man Wolverine, the Madripoor secret agent Wolverine, and the 

"And the Wolverine who's really into slightly overweight bearded dudes in fedoras and graphic t-shirts?" chimed in a bearded man in the audience who looked suspiciously like former Wolverine scribe Jason Aaron.

"We've been through this before, Jason," replied a visibly disgusted Soule. "Wolverine is a fictional character."

"The heart wants what the heart wants!" Aaron shouted before storming out of the auditorium in tears.

After Soule has explored the various phases of Wolverine's Mary Sueness, Logan will indeed die, leaving a Marvel Universe without its moral center. This will lead into the World Without a Wolverine status quo in the Marvel Universe, with the ramifications of the surly mutant's death making guest appearances in every book they publish just like Wolverine did while alive. In Wolverine and the X-Men, Storm will take over the Jean Grey School, while new, as yet unnamed projects will pop up from the likes of Salvadore Larocca, Kyle Higgins, James Tynion IV, and others join newly announced books like Storm by Greg Pak and Victor Ináñez.

While no other information was given about the plans beyond that, The Outhouse has learned from a top secret inside source that World Without a Wolverine will lead directly into the next big X-Family crossover in the winter: Reign of the Wolverines. In Reign of the Wolverines, four brand new Wolverines will pop up in the Marvel Universe, each claiming to be the true successor to the real Wolverine. We'll see The Last Son of Alberta, a cold, emotionless killing machine that truly is the best he is at what he does, Wolverineboy, a clone of Wolverine with adamantium-laced sunglasses, Clawz, a black dude in a steel Wolverine costume, and Cyborg Wolverine, a half man, half machine. These Wolverines will vie for legitimacy until the real Wolverine comes back from the dead next year, this time with a mullet, declares all of the imposters to be his spiritual children, and then kills them.

All of this kicks off in Wolverine #8 in June, so be sure to buy seventeen of those sweet black polybags with the bloody Wolverine logo on the front that you know damn well we're gonna be getting for this.

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