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Marvel Shocker: Amazing Spider-Man #1 Shipped Damaged Due to Printing Snafu

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, April 30 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Shocker: Amazing Spider-Man #1 Shipped Damaged Due to Printing Snafu

Who could have possibly predicted that a massive gimmick launch with almost 50 variant covers would end up being a clusterfuck?

Source: Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool is reporting that comic shops have received thousands of copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1 that were damaged or incorrectly printed, resulting in comics that cannot be sold to customers. The damages include some of the incentive variants, which cannot be replaced by Diamond. In addition to corner rips and tears, many of the comics appear to have been bound incorrectly, possibly due to miscalculations at the printer because of the size of the book, which contains a ton of extra material and a reprint of Inhuman #1.

Diamond is working to correct the problem with retailers, but there may not be too much they can do. From BC:

Diamond Comic Distributors inform me that they have held meetings with their retailer services representatives who deal with retailers on a daily basis to let them know about the situation. That they are sending out replacements for retailers who report damages. But for the exclusive/store variants, of which there are no extras for damages to cover, retailers are having to discuss directly with Marvel on how to handle the situation. Nevertheless, retailers are encouraged to need to work with their Diamond Customer Service Rep to work out the damages and returns.


There's no official word on how many comics have been ruined, but one retailer told Uncle Rich that "stores that did ASM variants across the nation got their comics in almost at 75% to 90% damaged." Ouch!

Wow. What a shocker. Who could possibly have thought that launching a comic with almost fifty variant covers in a bid to artificially boost sales and steal market share would result in a major fuckup that embarrasses Marvel and causes trouble for retailers? I mean, it's not like there's any precedent for such a thing.

RESET THE COUNT... oh, wait.

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