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DC Drastically Alters Joe Keatinge CMYK Story, Chastises Him on Twitter for Pointing it Out

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, April 30 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Drastically Alters Joe Keatinge CMYK Story, Chastises Him on Twitter for Pointing it Out

Sometimes, a counter reset is a real no-brainer. In that respect, it's kind of like Bob Harras.

Source: Bleeding Cool

The first issue of Vertigo's new CMYK anthology hit stores today, and it features a story by Joe Keatinge and Ken Garing... OR DOES IT?! It turns out that Keatinge felt uncomfortable with the story being advertised as his original work because it had actually been drastically altered by editorial without his permission and locked into print before he could do anything about it. Keating took to Tumblr to clear things up and let his fans know that, while he wasn't angry and Garing's art is excellent, the story is not what he and Garing originally planned, particularly the ending:

Today sees the release of the first of four quarterly Vertigo CMYK anthologies. It has a Cyan cover.

The issue is advertised as featuring a collaboration between Ken Garing and me, with me on story and Ken on art, but there’s an issue with this and I felt the need to make it clear.

The story as published does not entirely reflect what we conceived and I originally wrote.

I’m going to make this as quick possible as there’s a lot going on in the world that actually matters, but I felt like, after the warm reception to SHUTTER and PLANETOID, some people reading this might buy comics with our names on them and thought it was unfair to them to not say something.

The quick gist is I was asked to contribute a story. I brought in Ken as INTERGALACTIC’s going to be a while and this would be a fun, quick way to get something by us out there. Vertigo via Editor Mark Doyle was very accommodating in allowing us to collaborate. Seemed like a good deal.

The story Ken and I conceived together, which I scripted, ended up coming back in a proof PDF where — despite Ken’s art looking even better than ever — our story and my dialog were drastically altered, specifically our ending. We were told by editorial that it was locked in and set for publication without further explanation as to what happened or why.

I need to be clear — Ken did an astonishing job with the art and the whole book is worth the price of admission for what he did alone. It’s absolutely beautiful and it’s truly an honor to work with him.

And the truth is maybe no one would ever notice. Maybe people will like the end result much more than what we wanted to do. Maybe it was the right call, but since it was contracted and solicited as an original work by the two of us I feel uncomfortable taking credit for it, despite how proud I am of everything Ken did and how great working with him is.

All this said, I think playing the blame game and vilifying people is childish and unnecessary, especially since I’m not even angry about this at this point. I remain only extremely disappointed its not what we set out to do from a story perspective, despite how wonderful the art is. Lesson learned. Moving on.

There a lot of good stuff in there and encourage you to check it out for those reasons, especially Ken’s artwork, but due to all this I’ll not be discussing this story any further at this time.


While Keating wasn't mad, and seemed to just want to make sure it was known that the ending wasn't his, that didn't stop DC editor (is this the guy Liefeld said had a small dick?) Will Dennis from yelling at him on Twitter, because, as we've learned, creators complaining about editorial on social media is a nono, though editors complaining about creators is apparently hunky dory:


So there you go. Pretty cut and dry. Creator makes comic. Editor forces big editorial changes on comic against creator's will. Creator speaks up. Management berates creator in front of the world. We get that DC feels slighted by Keatinge calling them out, but for fucks sake, THE MANAGEMENT OF A MULTINATIONAL MEDIA CONGLOMERATE SHOULD NOT BE BERATING EMPLOYEES OR CONTRACTORS ON TWITTER. This shit wouldn't fly in any other industry.

This article contains pretty much the same basic substance as the Bleeding Cool article that alerted us to it, because, well, there's not much more to say. This one is cut and dry, folks. When DC fucks with creators, that's stupid. When DC fights with creators publicly, that's even stupider, because it exposes the company as a place where talented people shouldn't want to work, lest they be treated with the same lack of respect.

And when DC does something stupid, you know what we do...


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