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Interview with Will Devokees, The Man Who Would Be Daredevil

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, May 02 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Interview with Will Devokees, The Man Who Would Be Daredevil

Will Devokees returns to the Outhouse, campaigning for an audition as Matt Murdock. What do you say, Marvel?!

A few years ago, we interviewed Will Devokees, a young actor who was campaigning for an audition - a shot - at playing Daredevil in the at-that-time Fox reboot of the franchise. While the movie is now a Marvel-produced Netflix TV show, Will is still at it, and just released a new trailer. We invited him to stop by again, update our readers, and see if we can help get Marvel's attention and get him that audition.

Hi Will, welcome back to The Outhouse! When we last spoke in 2012, you had completed a trailer and were campaigning to score the role of Daredevil in the movie reboot. Two years later, you’ve completed a trailer and are campaigning to score the role of Daredevil in the Netflix TV series. Do you feel like you’re not making much progress?

Thanks for having me! Do I feel like I’m not make much progress? Yes and no. It’s definitely been a struggle… filled with sleepless nights. Technically I would go to my day job… work… come home feeling exhausted… then film for a few hours, then edit the trailers… then maybe get a few hours of sleep. Hell I even blacked out during making stuff for this.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot in the past few months, and have done some of my best work. I have definitely gown as both a film maker and actor since our last talk as well. It’s hard self promoting. I hate doing it, most artists hate doing it… but you have to. I have gotten a lot of support this time around, and Daredevil fans seem to like me in the role, and like what I have done.

I figured if I was going to do this, I was going to have fun with it, so I created a few little things other than the trailer… posters… new logo… a 1989 Diet Coke commercial similar to the one on the Batman VHS but with Daredevil. I figured I would make it fun for me and the viewers, plus I finally got to make something that I’ve always wanted to make.

It’s really hard getting it seen, and asking for help promoting it. I actually learned how to use twitter recently have been using that to try and get it seen/ picked up. In the past there was a lot of negativity going around regarding me trying to score an audition for Daredevil, and of course this happens to anyone who puts themselves out there. It doesn’t bother me, I mean it’s the internet... what are you going to do?

Here are some of the newest videos.

What do you draw on for inspiration?

A lot of my trailer is inspired by Born Again, and Man without fear. I also was inspired by the Marvel films Captain America, Avengers, and Amazing Spiderman. I was inspired by the new Bond Films, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. I felt Murdock in many ways is similar to Craig’s portrayal of Bond. Murdock is professional… but has a dark, gritty, and depressed side. Murdock is emotionally and mentally unstable at times because he cares about everyone and tries to save everyone, and the fact that he can’t takes an emotional toll on him. If you watch the Casino Royale Trailer and my trailer you can definitely see some similarities that were inspired by Casino Royale (and when I say that I mean that I blatantly ripped off because I love it).

My portrayal of Murdock was 50/50… It was inspired partially by Daniel Craig’s Bond, and partially by Nathan Fillion. I loved his work in Firefly, and watched a lot of Castle. He is great at Comedy but can switch and be dramatic within a snap of a finger. Haha I’ve actually been trying to get his feed back on my trailer and teaser.

We’d be happy to harass him on your behalf! While you’ve been chasing after Ben Affleck’s former role, he’s gotten himself a role as Batman. Are you jealous of his career trajectory?

Absolutely! Ben is an amazing director and a great actor. I liked Ben as Murdock, I just felt the movie needed to be a bit darker.

All in all I think Ben is going to make a great Batman, he definitely has the look for it. What do you think?

We think you may be the only person who’s ever admitted to liking Affleck's Daredevil. But we respect that. The new trailer is pretty slick, and probably better than Affleck's movie in its entirety. You did this with no budget?

Yes this was done out of pocket with very….very... little money, time or resources. I’m broke, out of college with loans, lol if I had the money to put towards a cool Daredevil project I would. But sadly I couldn’t, I had to use what I had, hence why half the trailer and videos are shot in one room. I literally had to sit and think of ways to film things so they didn’t all look the same, which was fun because it gave me a chance to use my creativity. So far most people didn’t notice… but now I’m sure I’ll be getting complaints on the youtube.Haha!

The synopsis revolved around Killgrave trying to turn the city against Murdock by using a weaponized version of a nano bot (similar to the RFID chip) that he stole from Oscorp. Killgrave uses an needle hidden in his watch to inject the nano bot. That way he could inject people via hand shake, pat on the back. Who ever he injects he controls. It felt like a more realistc way to do the story and utilize the Purple Man. I wanted to have a cool fight scene in a large control room… but couldn’t afford it. Haha come to think of it, we couldn’t do a lot of what I wanted due to that reason… either couldn’t afford it or didn’t have the resources to do it. All in all I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Remind us: Why Daredevil? Are you a big fan?

Yes ! He is just a really cool character. We share a lot of similarities… forgive me for getting personal here but I never really had a childhood. I was poor, didn’t really have much of a family, my father was big into drugs and alcohol and spent a lot of time in jail mentally and physically abused me as a child. My father made my life a living hell for years until he finally went to jail when I was 14. Making films was an escape, and when I discovered Daredevil if felt like I had someone I could rely on.

A friend of mine always told me I looked like Matt Murdock, I had the hair, the confidence, and dressed and acted professional. That was the push I needed to chase after the role. In a way, Daredevil has saved my life. If I did get this role… I would put a lot of money into charities for children with poor childhoods and broken homes. I love what Andrew Garfield is doing by going out to organizations and lending a hand. This is something I would love to do, visit sick fans in the hospital. Be a real hero, Like Garfield… Andrew Garfield… not the cat.

I like to feel I am like Matt, broken home, grew up poor… somewhat haunted… but striving for something better. I took some advice from Jack Murdock: “Never give up.”

Are you reading the current Daredevil series from Mark Waid?

I am not reading anything at the moment, sadly. I am burnt out… but I do plan on picking back up on it. I love Waid’s work.

I think you could pull off a great Hawkeye in the style of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s current series. Want us to take out Jeremy Renner for you? We’ll do it.

NooooooOOOooooOOOooooOOOoo. I’m flattered though. I never even thought I looked like Hawkeye.

What else have you been up to? Any new special effects jobs? Anything our readers should check out?

I’m glad you asked, I have a few things I have worked on, other than working on this Daredevil stuff. I did direct a small Firefox commercial for a contest a year ago involving the Hulk, you might dig it. I had just seen the new Evil Dead film and loved how it was shot and figured…. What the hell… I’ll shoot this with the look of evil dead, but add the hulk.

I also did a contest for the ABC’s of Death 2. I made something inspired by final Destination. It has some nudity so… watch it!

I also directed two micro shorts to promote Chris Moreno’s Zombie Dickheads comic book. They can be seen here.

Other than that… I’ve been trying to finish a Grindhouse-esque movie I made when I was in high school… it was also made with no money, shot it on mini dv… and filmed on the fly. It started out as a school project and grew into something bigger. Movie is done; we are just finishing the special features which are going to be fun. Here is a scene from that.

LOL and if you like star wars and Celebrity Impressions, preferably Nic Cage… you may get a kick out of this.

Nick Cage is nothing to joke about. So what’s next? How do we make this happen?

Next? I’m gonna keep fighting the good fight. Please Share it, tweet it, send it to your friends, family… members of your “Framily Plan”, contact Marvel, tell everyone you can about it. Climb a mountain and scream about it from the top of a mountain.

We’ve got a lot more influence than the last time we spoke to you.

Actually, you’ll probably be blacklisted from the industry for associating with us. Sorry about that.

Two months after we last talked, The Avengers came out, drastically changing things. The Marvel cinematic universe is huge now, and the Daredevil rights have reverted to Marvel. Do you think this makes your goal of getting an audition more or less approachable?

I am really not sure, Marvel seems pretty down to earth as a company, and the people running Marvel Studios are awesome. No one said it would be easy, but you never know. Stranger things have happened. I just don’t wanna look back at my life when I am 50 and think… Damn… I should have tried. No one can say I didn’t try, and I have met some fantastic people from doing this.

And also some terrible people, like us! You win some, you lose some. In that same regard, the media landscape is vastly different now too. Web shows are bigger than ever - an actually viable option. Have you considered Kickstarting a superhero series of your own? You could call it Risktaker - The Man Who's Not Scared. You can have that one. On us.

HAHA. The Snare devil… I run around hitting a drum. I haven’t really put much thought into doing a comic themed show or movie other than Daredevil.

What do you plan to be promoting when we talk again in 2016?

Hopefully in 2016, I’ll be Daredevil and you’ll be interviewing me about the series. You can keep up to date on the Facebook page Devokees for Daredevil or my website Or if you want you can follow me on twitter or Facebook. Add Will Devokees.

If that happens, you won’t be allowed to talk to us anymore. But we’ll understand. Thanks for your time, and good luck!

Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate it.


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