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Free Comic Book Day - Show Us Your Booty!

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, May 03 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Free Comic Book Day - Show Us Your Booty!

Ok, that may have come out wrong. What we want to know is what free comics you picked up today!

Ah, Free Comic Book Day. What other profession has a whole day dedicated to giving out free samples of the product in hopes of hooking some new fans that will come back again and again? Well, okay, drug dealing. But besides that!

Yesterday, Outhouse Review Team veteran CajunBean asked some of his colleagues what books they were most looking forward to. Here's their picks. Give it a look, and then let us know what you picked up and what you thought of it in the comments below!

Jeffrey Kromer

Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck - A Matter of Some Gravity (Fantagraphics)

This issue heralds the beginning of Fantagraphics comprehensive Don Rosa reprint books. I'm a recent convert to Rosa's Duck stories, having met him at the Motor City Comic Con last year. Afterwards I read both OOP Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck trades and found that most of Rosa's other work was scattered or uncollected over various publishers. So, really, while I'm sure this will be a great story it's more about the forthcoming books it represents than anything else.

FUBAR - Ace of Spades (Alterna Comics Inc.)

This randomness is here for one reason only; Chuck Dixon writing military fiction. Over the past couple of years I've been enjoying Chuck's work on GI Joe at IDW and his prose series' Seal Team Six and Bad Times. All of that work has had the same sort of hard-boiled, streamlined type of writing that I tend to enjoy; heavy on dialogue and action, light on description. I'm hoping this tale of a Special Ops Unit fighting zombies in Iraq has the same feel.

Uber - The First Cycle (Avatar)
I loved the first Uber collection from Avatar so this was always going to be on the list. It's a recap book mostly, encompassing the first two arcs of the series but it features new writing from Gillen and new art from Cannan White. I'm hoping it will keep me satisfied until the second volume comes out.

Tim Midura

Atomic Robo and Friends (Red 5 Comics)

Nikola Tesla's robot gets to face the Yonkers Devil!

Uber The First Cycle (Avatar)

Recapping the first two arcs, this will get new readers caught up on this hyper-violent WWII super-soldier series!

Rocket Raccoon (Marvel)

It's a Rocket Raccoon one-shot. Nothing more needs to be said. Get it for the Skottie Young cover alone.

Curtis Toye

Mouse Guard Labyrinth Rust HC (BOOM! / Archaia)

It's a HC so it will sit nicely on my shelf but the main reason for me picking this up is the Farscape preview and the Mouse Guard story. I will get anything Mouse Guard and David Peterson related.

Walt Disney Scrooge and Donald Duck (Fantagraphics)

I hold a special place in my heart for Ducktales so this is a must get for me, plus it's by Don Rosa so you can't lose. 

Hip Hop Family Tree Two-In-One (Fatagraphics)

Ed Piskor has been killing it with this series and I love comic books that entertain as well as teach me something new. A must for any fans of hip hop. 

John Condor

Rise of the Magi (Image)

For the past few years, Image has had a pretty solid track record for it's new series, so this is an easy pick. It doesn't hurt that industry veteran Marc Silvestri is attached either.

Avatar Hellboy Juice Squeezers (Dark Horse)

As a long time fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, this is another sure thing for me. Plus, a little Itty Bitty Hellboy never hurt anyone.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel)

Bendis' current run on Guardians has been hit or miss for many, but the additions of Captain Marvel and Venom to the team will hopefully spice things up a little for Star Lord and the gang. Plus, the backup story by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli is certainly intriguing.

Alex Knight

Futures End #0 (DC)

The premise in general is interesting, and the preview alone shows the potential the series has. Really looking forward to it.

2000 AD Special (Rebellion / 2000AD)

The previous FCBD issue was fantastic, and by the looks of the cover alone it's going to be snarky and entertaining. A treat among so many other comics that take themselves too seriously.

Spongebob Freestyle Funnies (United Plankton Pictures)

It's Spongebob in a comic. And it's free. I'm hyped by that alone.

Christian Hoffer

Atomic Robo and Friends (Red 5 Comics)

Atomic Robo's FCBD offerings are always delightful, light-hearted romps. I think Atomic Robo is an underrated comic, and the FCBD offerings usually provide enough of a hook to get fans to buy more.

Hip-Hop Family Tree (Fantagraphics)

Hip-Hop Family Tree is an Eisner Award nominated comic book, and Ed Piskor is one of the foremost artists of the alternative comix scene.  If you enjoy hip-hop and the evolution of rap, you'll probably enjoy this book.

Courtney Crumrin (Oni Press)

This is a reprint of the first chapter of a brief ongoing series starring Ted Naifeh's delightfully dark girl witch.  Courtney Crumrin is another underrated gem, and this comic was a great starting point for fans.  After you finish reading it, be sure to pick up the colored hardcover version of the first mini-series, which is outstanding.  


Mouse Guard (BOOM! / Archaia)

Every year Archaia puts out this fantastic little hard cover, and every year the story is amazing. It’s an amazing effort, and to date, no one has mimicked their style. The story is always fresh and charming, and its one of the few books put out that is amazingly kid friendly!

Armor Hunters (Valiant)

I am a bit of a Valiant junkie, and I have been desperately scrambling to catch up on my gradually building pull file. This book, I can afford for sure, and its our first peek into another world event. I am looking forward to seeing Aric running away like a madman as intergalactic bounty hunter plot to whoop him something stupid.

Atomic Robo (Red 5 Comics)

Every year, every single year, this book comes out and it’s the first thing I snag and read. There is just something about Robo that I love, and so far, every FCBD issue has been a real quality work full of chuckles and fun.


What about you? Post below! Pictures are welcome! Yes, of your booty. We mean your comic books!

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