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DeFalco As Temporary DC Editor in Chief May Be Real-Life Future's End Tie-In (SPOILERS)

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, May 05 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

DeFalco As Temporary DC Editor in Chief May Be Real-Life Future's End Tie-In (SPOILERS)

Using DeFalco as a backup EiC while the company moves to Burbank is one of the dystopian future consequences DC's heroes hope to change.

Source: Bleeding Cool

(Spoilers for Future's End #0 Below)

This weekend, fans of wanton character death and mutilation were treated to Future's End #0, in which multiple DC heroes in a dystopian future were murdered by insectoid Wonder Woman and Superman robots, with Batman getting his arm ripped off before sending Batman Beyond back in time to try to change the timeline. But as horrible as that sounds (and it was even more horrible than that), the toughest times for the DC universe may be yet to come, as Bleeding Cool reports that Tom DeFalco will be taking over editing the DC line - temporarily - while the company moves from New York to Burbank, CA. It is unknown whether or not DeFalco's secondary editing unit would continue indefinitely, but he would be responsible for creating a two-month event during the move.

Here's what Uncle Rich had to say:

DiDio has also told folk that Tom DeFalco, ex-EIC of Marvel Comics, and recent writer on books like Superboy and Legion Lost , will be given an editorial position and the task of running a “second unit” of editorial responsibility at DC Comics, alongside existing DC (and also ex-EIC of Marvel Comics) EIC Bob Harras, creating a two month event to help the rest of DC cover the office move from coast to coast, without dropping the number of comic books being published…


Yikes! A two-month super-mega-crossover event designed solely to cover up the company's cross-country move, with the guy who ran Marvel during one of its worst periods ever taking over for the guy who ran it during its definitively worst period. This truly is the Future's End! And by Future's End, we mean that for DC, the future ended around 1994 and the company is stuck in some kind of XTREME time loop. We're hearing that DeFalco's first executive order is that all characters are to grow mullets.

Batman Beyond, we're all counting on you now!

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