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Ding Ding Ding! Round 2! Dennis Barger Jr. Calls Out Mark Waid Over New 52 Future's End Comments

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, May 07 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Ding Ding Ding! Round 2! Dennis Barger Jr. Calls Out Mark Waid Over New 52 Future's End Comments

Fallout from tonight's Comics Smackdown as Dennis Barger Jr. calls out Mark Waid!

Source: Facebook

Controversial retailer and CoBRA Commander Dennis Barger Jr. is no friend of Mark Waid, so when he saw Waid's blowout with Dan Jurgens, covered earlier tonight on The Outhouse and then later on Bleeding Cool (pip pip!), you know he wasn't going to stay out of it! Barger posted the following message for Waid on his Facebook page:

Class act as always Mark Waid using your "clout" as a respected "writer" in comics to get DC NEW 52 nice guy working popular WRITER, Scott Snyder to "your" "comic shop" then the second he is gone, trash on the "company" he is single handedly saving under the relaunch he was very much a part of, and that you were banking on to drive people to your shop.

So it never occurred to you that Futures End was an editorial mandated comic placed upon talent that might take offense at your jibes?

I guarantee that I knows exactly who I'm targeting when he calls a piece of shit a piece of shit, only an asshole would try and pretend it is something different then a piece of shit comment.



Snyder joined Waid, Chris Samnee, and Game of Thrones star James Tynion Lannister IV for Free Comic Book Day at Waid's store, Alter Ego Comics, this weekend, which is what Barger is referring to. Today, Waid called DC's new Future's End comic "the New 52est New 52 comic E-V-E-R," which Future's End creative team member Jurgens immediately recognized as an insult (what does that say?). Read all about that here.

We never did get that debate Waid challenged Barger to earlier this year (after Barger had challenged Waid to previous debates). Could business be about to pick up? If so, The Outhouse will be happy to moderate the debate! By gawd, it'll be a slobberknocker!

In other pro wrestling news, Daniel Bryan defeated Kane to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE's Extreme Rules PPV on Sunday.

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