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Cartoonist John Kovalic Found Cheesecake on the Back of His Daughter's Comic Book... But What Happens Next Will Something Something!

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, May 17 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Cartoonist John Kovalic Found Cheesecake on the Back of His Daughter's Comic Book... But What Happens Next Will Something Something!

All Ages Comic Books and sexy Blood Queens don't go together!

Cartoonist John Kovalic (DORK TOWER) posted a pretty funny series of tweets after finding an inappropriate advertisement on the back of his five year old daughter's comic book:





It seems Dynamite thought the All Ages readers of Art Baltazar & Franco & Smits' CAPTAIN ACTION CAT #1 might also want to check out THE BLOOD QUEEN, a new dark fantasy series about a fictionalized version of real life villain and subject of countless Death Metal songs, Countess Elizabeth Bathory. The writer for THE BLOOD QUEEN is Troy Brownfield, former Newsarama columnist who just came off a long stint writing for Zenescope's line of softcore porn comics starring fairy tale characters, GRIMM FAIRY TALES. Fritz Casas handles artwork, though one of Dynamite's usual stable of boobalicious cover artists probably did the main artwork for the ad.

Dynamite is one of Zenescope's biggest competitors in the comics to jerk off to market, and that's fine. We don't want you to be mad at us for attacking your wank material. It's just that maybe... maybe you shouldn't look for crossover synergy between that market and the 5 year old kids market. That's all.

I mean, what good can come of that? Are we hoping to get kids hooked on cheesecake early, ensuring future sales for LADY RAWHIDE? Or are we thinking, hey, there's a little something for the kids, and a little something for the adults? Get a boner to pass the time while you're reading comics with your kid? It just seems like no one thought this through.

And they probably didn't. Most likely, the same ads run on the back of all Dynamite's books on a given week and nobody even considered this, but hey, that's what we're here for. To point these things out. It's kind of like how my wife is always telling me advertising companies should hire her to tell them whether or not their logos are unintentionally shaped like penises. She has a knack for seeing it, and there's a market for that talent. In any case, we're just trying to be helpful to our friends at Dynamite here.

But Kovalic decided to take matters into his own hands:







John Kovalic won the internet today. And he even gave us a victory lap:





Epic win. Go and follow John Kovalic on Twitter, and read DORK TOWER here.

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