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Saban Axes Vortexx; Final Death Knell for Traditional Saturday Morning Cartoons

Written by Zechs on Saturday, May 31 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Saban Axes Vortexx; Final Death Knell for Traditional Saturday Morning Cartoons

An era of television is over as the CW line-up of "classic" cartoons will be dumped in favor of cheaper "educational" programs.

Source: Exclusive: Traditional Saturday Morning Programming Ends This Fall as Saban Brands Pulls the Plug on the Vortexx

The inevitable has finally come to pass: traditional Saturday morning cartoons on television (not on cable or dish) are ending. Toonzone learned that "Vortexx", the Saban Brands-produced animation block, is getting pulled this September. In it's place will be an educational block of programs called, "One Magnificent Morning".

As said before, the move was inevitable since cable networks, syndication, and streaming all made the airing of such programs original or not pointless. This reporter remembers the "golden" age he lived through as a child. How each Saturday morning was not to be missed with new episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (80s early 90s cartoon, along with the 2k3 version), Transformers: Beast Machines, X-Men: The Animated Series, Darkwing Duck (the final season), Spider-Man: The Animated Series, the Bugs Bunny/Tweety Show, and the other countless other cartoons that aired during that block from the 80s to the early 90s.

Of course, this reporter also remembers the event that sparked the beginning of the end when NBC decided to pull their entire line-up in 1992 with T-NBC (just Saved By The Bell and other like shows for three hours). Then CBS, a few years after, decided to just have an hour for educational programs with the rest given over to the news.

Still, this news does explain how Cartoon Network was able to get Dragonball Z Kai now (it had stopped airing on Nickelodeon). Yugi-Oh! and Digimon animes that were airing will probably continue to do so on Nick, while others will probably just linger in television oblivion.

If there's anything positive to report, we'll fill you in (Saban Brands hasn't officially announced the move, but given that CBS which owns the CW has already shown what's replacing it, you can expect it soon). Until then, reflect on the golden memories of watching Saturday Morning TV:





Here's to you Saturday morning TV. You shall be missed by many.

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