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Marvel Planning to Trick Retailers into Stocking Future Quarter Bins With Death of Wolverine

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, May 31 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Planning to Trick Retailers into Stocking Future Quarter Bins With Death of Wolverine

The company will offer sales incentives for retailers ordering over 250% of their usual numbers.

Source: Bleeding Cool

In case you had any doubts that Marvel and DC don't give a crap how many people actually read their comics as long as retailers have already paid them, Bleeding Cool reports that the publisher is offering huge incentive deals for retailers who order extra copies of the Death of Wolverine weekly series that's out in September. Retailers who order more than 275% of their usual numbers for Death of Wolverine #1 and #4 will get all the comics for 30% off.  #2 and #3 will get the same discount at 250%.

The move is likely intended to counter DC's 3Dnado sequel, which is sure to take a big chunk out of Marvel's market share in September, and it follows a very "successful" relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man #1, which sold something like 750,000 copies (and came with its own 3Dnado-esque screw-ups that no one cared about because they're not DC). The Death of Wolverine will also feature "weapon-etched holofoil covers," in case you mistaken believed you were living in 2014 and not 1997. The comic book media will likely be treated to dozens of press releases touting the increased sales numbers and exclusive interviews with Axel Alonso on CBR where he brags about it while their reporters fawn over him and ask pre-approved questions, much to everyone's delight.

Unfortunately, there's one problem with all of this. Just because comic shops order two and a half times as many comics as usual doesn't mean actual readers will buy them from the shops. Maybe 100,000 people regularly read comics. Wolverine sells around 60,000-70,000. Might a few more readers (probably people who already read Marvel comics, just not Wolverine) pick these up? Sure. Will 275% actually pick it up? No fucking way. That means most of the stock will go unsold and end up in quarter bins for decades to come, just like pretty much every comic with ridiculously high print runs from the past twenty years.

But hey, it will look great on Marvel's corporate shareholder reports, and that's what matters. To them, at least. Some of us would prefer not to see the industry to implode like it did in the nineties. 

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