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Tom Brevoort Cleans Up Misconceptions Over Marvel's "Time Runs Out" Event

Written by ThanosCopter on Tuesday, June 10 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Tom Brevoort Cleans Up Misconceptions Over Marvel's

Tom Brevoort answers the questions no one has really thought to ask.

Source: CBR

Tom Brevoort stopped by CBR to discuss "Time Runs Out", the upcoming Marvel sorta-event that involves the Avengers, New Avengers and Uncanny Avengers books.  Instead of answering the questions asked by Marvel's favorite mouthpiece media source, Brevoort spent most of the interview clearing up "misconceptions" about the not-event.

[CBR]: The cover to "Avengers" #35 features a number of different characters including an unidentified blonde man with a cane. I don't suppose you can confirm who that is right now, can you?

[Brevoort]: I'm not going to confirm who anybody is on either of those two covers. But I will clarify something else, though, because this is a confusing bit of business. Even with the couple of press releases we've done I'm not sure everybody quite understands what's happening here. So I'll try and articulate it.

In September both "Avengers" and "New Avengers" are effectively skipping their storylines ahead eight months. That means the cast situation of the books and where everybody is in the Marvel Universe will be contiguous with the end of April 2015.

So one of the things that these covers already sort of mysteriously do is portend changes that are going to happen not necessarily in the pages of "Avengers," but throughout the various books of the Marvel Universe. Reading "Avengers" and "New Avengers" in September is literally like getting a comic sent to you from the future eight months ahead of time.

While it's not exactly surprising that Brevoort doesn't understand how to use "literally" right (after all, it's not like Marvel's paying him to correctly use the English language), it's kind of hilarious how Brevoort either chooses to give answers to questions he wasn't asked, or straight up not answer questions throughout the interview.   

Here's some other highlights from the interview:

CBR: It sounds like a lot of planning and scheduling was involved in getting readers these two issues.

Brevoort: Oh yes, but not just those two issues. From that point all the way up until April of 2015 they will both be running eight months ahead of the Marvel Universe and then the Marvel Universe every month will be closing that gap. So in October they'll be seven months ahead of everybody else. Then in November they'll be six months ahead until everything converges once again at the end of April and then BAM! Time runs out.

So...is Avengers and New Avengers running backwards in time for the next eight month?  Are they just staying eight months ahead of the rest of the Marvel universe?  Are they jumping back in time?  And what does this answer have to do with planning and scheduling? 

CBR: You mentioned you don't want to talk about who is on the covers of "Avengers" #35 and "New Avengers" #24, but perhaps we can talk about the implications of those characters being there. On the cover to "Avengers" #35 we have Havok and Thor is wielding the axe Jarnbjorn. That has me wondering if we'll see some of what Rick Remender has been doing in "Uncanny Avengers" tie into what Jonathan's doing in his Avengers books?

Brevoort: Again, I'm going to have to plead the Fifth. I'm afraid I'll probably have to plead the Fifth on a lot of your questions...

By pleading the Fifth, we can safely assume that Brevoort doesn't wish to incriminate himself for any crimes, possibly of a hate related nature, he's committed while editing Uncanny Avengers.

CBR: The other information that came out in the press release was that a new version of the Cabal somehow figures into the story?

Brevoort: Yes, that is true.

Nailed that answer. Thank you, Brevoort, for confirming the existence of a press release. 

CBR: It sounds like the story in "Time Runs Out" will be sweeping and touch base with all the various corners of the Marvel Universe and hint at the changes that have happened.

Brevoort: It will hint, and even beyond that. It will show.

I don't know what that answer means, but it does mean that Brevoort will do an awesome job of editing that Yoda solo comic book series that Marvel will announce in a few months. 

CBR: The fact that "Time Runs Out" kicks off in "Avengers" #35 and "New Avengers" #24, drawn by Jim Cheung and Mike Deodato, respectively, suggests to me that this story is a huge deal. What do these guys bring to these stories?

Brevoort: They're certainly artists that we tend to deploy on things that are huge.

How else was Brevoort supposed to answer that question?  "No, those are the schmucks we use when we don't give a crap about a comic?"  

You can check out the rest of the really confusing interview here and guess at the relative sobriety of those involved with the interview.  A couple of other sites are suggesting that this interview indicates that Marvel might be rebooting their universe next spring, but judging from the cagey answers and overall defensiveness of the interview, my impression is that Brevoort is one loud noise away from cutting a deal with the Feds.  


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