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Tom DeFalco's Band-Aid Event to Cover DC's Festering Wound

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, June 10 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Tom DeFalco's Band-Aid Event to Cover DC's Festering Wound

More details have been revealed about the event that will take place while DC moves to Burbank.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Last month, we told you about the transitional super-mega-crossover event that will pick up the slack while DC Comics moves from New York City to Burbank, because apparently the company is so disorganized it cannot change offices without taking a company-wide two month break, just like regular people get to do when we move for jobs. We already knew that Tom "Clone Saga" DeFalco would be running a second editorial unit during that two month break, but Bleeding Cool has now revealed more unofficial info. According to Uncle Rich, the event will feature "forty one shots from ten to fifteen writers, spread over two months" and possibly a weekly series as well. Ex-Marvel editor Marie Javins will assist DeFalco on the whole thing, and in addition to DC's usual stable of 90s superstars like Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Grey, Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza, Johnston says the company will be bringing in talent from indie comics and Marvel, as well as "founders of other publishers."

Because the event doesn't have a name yet, Bleeding Cool is calling it The Band-Aid, which brings to mind images of Simon LeBon and starving children in Ethiopia. The more we think about it though, the more apropos it sounds. If Tom DeFalco's event is the band-aid, that would make the Nu52 DC's Festering Wound (possibly so-named due to so many people having their arms ripped off by insectoid cyborgs in unsanitary apocalyptic conditions). Stay tuned to The Outhouse for more details on the Band-Aid, and DC's eventual return to the Festering Wound of the Nu52 after they've had two months to allow their editors to properly set up their computer monitors at their new workstations.

UPDATE: According to Bleeding Cool, Tom DeFalco is no longer involved in Tom DeFalco's Band-Aid event, and Dan Didio will be in charge instead. Man, when even your editors can't handle the editorial interference, you've got some problems.

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