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DC Shocker: Diane Nelson Claims Female Representation Priority for DC at Bizarre Shareholder Meeting

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, June 14 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Shocker: Diane Nelson Claims Female Representation Priority for DC at Bizarre Shareholder Meeting

This should be a good one...

Source: THR

Time Warner held their annual meeting for shareholders yesterday, and one of the highlights was when one of those shareholders, according to a report from THR, harrangued the company for its lack of female representation in the DC Entertainment division. The shareholder took issue with the large percentage of white males on the Time Warner board, and said, "I would challenge you that there are simply not enough in-creative-control women at Warner Bros. that can develop these characters in ways that appeal to the audience."

DC Comics has had problems with their representation of female characters in recent years. They're the origin of the trope "Women in Refrigerators," if that sets the tone for you, and it was only a few months ago that a prominent DC artist attacked a female blogger for a reasonable critique of a sexist Teen Titans cover. The comic book industry in general has been wrestling with calls for more female representation for a good while, and the issue is a frequent topic of dicussion in the blogosphere.

DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson responded to the shareholder, claiming that putting the spotlight on female storytellers and showcasing female characters is something DC talks about a lot internally, and that DC is developing female characters in movies and TV with the "potential to be spun off."

"It's something we're very conscious of," Nelson said. "We have more work to do. But I think if we talk again in a couple of years, you'll be pleased with the results."

For analysis on Nelson's comments, let's ask Outhouse Bullshit Correspondent Lying Cat. Lying Cat?

Thanks, Lying Cat.

Afterward, Nelson went on to tell shareholders that the sky is purple, one plus one equals three, and the company would bring in one trillion dollars in profit next year by proving unicorns exist. "If we talk again in a couple years, I'll be riding a unicorn. You'll see." Nelson insisted.

Ok, that last part may not have actually happened, but the rest of it is totally real. And what this tells us, beyond the fact that Diane Nelson is completely delusional, is that attending a Time Warner Annual Shareholder Meeting is almost exactly the same experience as visiting a comic book message board. The thing with Nelson wasn't even the main focus of the report on THR. After the that, another shareholder, we shit you not, started complaining about CNN's liberal bias, lack of reporting on Benghazi, and support of climate change.

Yep, that settles it. Shareholders meetings are the internet forums and comments sections for the 1%.

So, any Outhouse readers out there have enough money to buy into one of these things? If so, we'd like you to wear a Has DC Done Something Stupid Today? t-shirt to the next one.

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