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'Ultimate Spider-Man - Web Warriors' US Premiere: August 31st

Written by Zechs on Monday, June 16 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

'Ultimate Spider-Man - Web Warriors' US Premiere: August 31st

By that time period the UK viewers will be neck deep in the series. Oh and those looking forward to the animated debut of Spider-Girl.. I'm afraid I have some BAD NEWS for you too. But hey, Cloak's in the latest episode!

Source: New 'Ultimate Spider-Man' season expands universe

So Wikipedia was wrong and, not surprisingly, so was this reporter at that. Just last week, we covered how the UK started to air Ultimate Spider-Man- Web Warriors aka the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man. Well now we know the USA premiere date: August 31st as revealed in an article from USA Today. The UK will be three months and sixteen episodes ahead of the US. A curse, or a blessing, when this show is involved.

Also revealed via the USA Today article was the various Spider-Men who'd be appearing in the season. In this context, some fans will probably be disappointed, and maybe a bit angry. Originally, when it was first teased via that nifty con badge, people noticed Spider-Girl and assumed May Parker from MC2 would be appearing in the series.

Well here's the BAD NEWS. Those hopes and dreams built up by fans have been dashed, sadly. That ain't Mayday or even a timey whimey Jessica Drew, Mary Jane Watson, or Gwen Stacy. Who is she? Well, she's Petra Parker. Yes friends, a new character whose basically a fem swapped universe which also includes a  J. Joan Jameson. Yay? Then again if the later is still voiced by J.K. Simmons maybe it'll work. Right? You're all spitting blood and ready to riot aren't you?

Okay okay... Well at least there's some good news to appease fans who probably are a bit angry. That IS Miles Morales on the badge, and, yes, the character IS making his animated debut on the show. Not only that, so is Iron Spider, Spider-Ham (who we've already seen various jokes or appearances of on the show already), Spider-Man Noir, and Spider-Man 2099 (who unlike everyone else will be CGI-animated). But again, when looking to introduce an established female Spider, they went for gender swapped Peter instead of a beloved character. Progress? Sadly not.

As for when the arc will begin, Steve Wacker, vice president in Marvel Television's animation division, said this in the article:

"There's a piece of the puzzle that's given there and really eagle-eyed Marvel Universe fans will be able to pick it out right away," Wacker teases. "All these appearances are leading up to a big story late in the season. The kid who's watching every single week is going to be rewarded with a story that really connects at the end."


In the meantime, the UK gets Cloak and Dagger this weekend plus BARON ZEMO!!!! Here's a preview clip:


Further guest appearances this season will include Dr. Strange, Ka-Zar and Amadeus Cho.


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