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Will Fanboy Dreamboat Nathan Fillion Use a Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo as Nova for a Springboard to Take Over the Superhero Movie Universe?

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, June 21 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Will Fanboy Dreamboat Nathan Fillion Use a Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo as Nova for a Springboard to Take Over the Superhero Movie Universe?

In which we observe the life cycle of a Hollywood casting rumor.

For years before Joseph Gordon-Levitt became the go to guy for fancasting a superhero movie, Nathan Fillion was the choice of discerning fanboys and fangirls everywhere. But though the years have passed by without Fillion getting the role of Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Johnny Storm, Batman, or any other role fanboys are too silly to realize he has no chance of scoring, Firebronies (the official name for fans of Firefly, in which Fillion first stole the hearts of fanboys and fangirls) may finally be seeing their dreams come true, as Nathan Fillion is gonna play motherfuckin' Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy! BOOM!

Hey Ryan Reynolds, tell me how my ass tastes...

Well, actually, that's not entirely true. Let's rewind a bit. We already knew that Fillion has some kind of cameo or Easter egg role in Guardians of the Galaxy, as he told fans at one of those Wizard World conventions a few months ago:

Wanting to get a part… or maybe did. I’m just saying maybe. Maybe you’ll be surprised. Maybe. Check the credits.


Now, Unleash the Fanboy is claiming that Fillion will play Richard Rider, Nova, in a post-credits scene. They then go on to speculate that he'll have a bigger role in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and a future Annihilation type cosmic crossover movie. But wait, that's not quite right either.

Unleash the Fanboy attributes the rumor to Latino Review, but the link to the source, labeled "LR," is actually a link to some dude named Ray Devlin's twitter account. Ray Devlin posts articles on Comic Book Movie, which is a D-list rumor site at best, and which I'm pretty sure anyone can post articles to. If you follow Devlin's tweets, you can find his Comic Book Movie article, which attributes Latino Review, and from there you can find a long article by El Mayimbe talking about rumors for every superhero movie slated to come out in the next decade, and at the very end of that, El Mayimbe says that Nova will be in the post credits scene and speculates that it will be Fillion. Mayimbe admits that he's just guessing, and it probably goes back to the Fillion quote above.

Here’s the part I can’t get confirmed, but knowing the internet and superhero fandom’s history with this guy, I figure I’d just pass this on and hope it’s right because it’ll illicit a small cheer from Firefly and Castle fans.


But now, the rumor is moving into a fourth generation, as the game of telephone goes from Latino Review to Comic Book Movie to Unleash the Fanboy to sites like Movie Pilot. And now I'm seeing it pop on social media as a sure thing, using Latino Review's reputation as a source (buried five links deep) to back it up.

But hey, it's reasonable speculation, and it may very well be true. But what all of these third and fourth generation rumormongers fail to realize is that, if Marvel makes a Nova movie, it will be about Sam Alexander, not Richard Rider. Sam is the Nova that Marvel pushes in both its comics and animation divisions. Marvel loves Sam Alexander. Marvel thinks Richard Rider is old news, and appeals to a niche audience.

Kinda like Nathan Fillion.

So Fans who have patiently pined for Fillion to get a major superhero role for over a decade may finally get to see him in a big superhero flick, and all of it is a big "if" because the closest thing to any kind of legitimate confirmation for any of it is Nathan Fillion saying that MAYBE he will have a post-credit cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy. But it will be a cock tease as Fillion will have a supporting role to Sam Alexander, probably played by Justin Bieber or something. Because Nathan Filion is not a Hollywood leading man, no matter how much fans loved Firefly and wish for Fillion to become the next Tom Cruise and, after dominating the box office and being crowned king of the movie industry, make them bring back Firefly.

He's a fine actor, and I like him in the things he's in, but he's not going to carry a blockbuster movie, or, at the very least, no one in Hollywood, even his best buddy Joss Whedon, believes he is going to. If someone did, they would have cast him in the lead role in one on one of the hundred other occasions fanboys have begged them to.

Sorry, Firebronies. Be happy with what you've got, which is a probable ten second cameo in a post-credits scene of one of biggest movies of the summer, which may lead to slightly larger supporting roles in the future.

Or, I'm completely wrong, and Fillion will take over Iron Man from RDJ in Iron Man 6. Because all of this is speculative bullshit, and I know as much about this as any of the rumormongers that have reported on it before me. Which is, basically, next to nothing.

By the way, if Fillion becomes the next Iron Man in 2025... YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

Hey El Mayimbe, tell me how my ass tastes!


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