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First Look at Oroku Saki from Michael Bay's 'TMNT'

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, June 24 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

First Look at Oroku Saki from Michael Bay's 'TMNT'

We have a new look at the recently introduced man behind the armor of Shredatron.

So as the latest TMNT trailer has just hit. Here's the US version (which is basically the same as the UK version in the link):

Many questions are popping up after viewing this. Probably the biggest spoiler of them is Eric Sachs (William Fichtner) talking to a mystery man about: "Upping his armor to the next level." Well, it's a spoiler no longer as, yes, Oroku Saki is also in this movie. But wait, isn't Sachs the Shredder? We'll get to that. Here's our first good look at Oroku Saki (the image was taken from 4Chan where some master of photoshop cleared up the shadows.  Surprisingly this has not popped up at any other sites because nobody is a photoshop genius):

He looks a bit like the Shredder in Nickalodeon's TMNT. Curious to see what he's like in this. Really, there isn't much known of the actor playing the character. Neither IMDB or Wikipedia have an acting credit for the role (both listing currently Fichtner as the Shredder. Update: The latter has taken down the Shredder casting credit). Fichtner has even given interviews explicitly talking about it.

So how is this possible that there are two Shredders with so much media (even this site and this reporter) touting William Fichtner's character, Eric Sachs, as the Shredder too? Well, there's two theories. One: everyone is wrong and the only Shredder in this is Oroku Saki, which would make things really interesting again given everyone (including us) had pinned Fichtner as the Shredder. Or, two, there are two Shredder's in this movie: Sachs and Saki (and there has been a long-standing rumor that this is the case), with Sachs being a proxy to Saki ala Ra's Al Ghul in Batman Begins (2005). 

So let the speculation begin!!! Will, Oroku Saki play a more "Professor Moriarty" type role, like in Guy Richie's Sherlock Holmes (2010), being teased throughout the picture with Sachs taking the "big bad" role for this movie?  Or is Saki the heavy and Sachs becomes the Shredder by movies' end? Whatever choice it is, we'll be getting our answer come August 8th when TMNT hits the US.

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