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IDW Hires Known Girl, Allison Baker, As Director Of Operations

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, July 01 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

IDW Hires Known Girl, Allison Baker, As Director Of Operations

An act that “can only be a sign of the nation's moral decay” according to one Ann Coulter.

Source: press release

Announcing via press release something CBR !!!!EXCLUSIVELY!!!! reported on last week, IDW made it official that Monkeybrain, Inc. co-founder, and real life girl, Allison Baker will be the publisher’s new Director Of Operations.  Surprisingly, IDW didn't mention Baker's gender once during the announcement, which is weird, because y'know, she's a girl.  

From the press release IDW sent us because we are still on their list, unlike Marvel who is still mad at us for whatever it was Jude did back in February:

San Diego, CA (June 30, 2014) – IDW Publishing is very pleased to announce that Allison Baker will be joining the publisher as Director of Operations. Allison’s primary role will be coordinating and expediting the operation of IDW Publishing’s ever-increasing production schedule, working directly with the Editorial and Production departments, as well as the newly formed IDW Games division.

IDW CEO and Publisher, Ted Adams, is quoted in the press release as saying “I’ve been impressed with Allison’s skill set since we started working with her, publishing the Monkeybrain titles.” Again, Adams failed to qualify any of those comments with a single comment alluding to her gender, which is odd because she's a girl and all.

I have no idea what a new Director Of Operations actually does, but it seems from this blurb that Baker has all the tools necessary, even while being a girl:

The most important qualities in an ideal Director of Operations are flexibility and a wide range of expertise. Allison’s experience in both the publishing and entertainment industry certainly fit the bill.

For her part, Baker had this to say:

I am beyond thrilled to be joining the IDW team,..IDW publishes so many fantastic comics for so many different kinds of readers, and really strives to discover new ways to deliver them to audiences. A diverse comics field is a healthy one, and I’m delighted to be a part of that in any way I can.

Again, no mention of her gender at all.  Weird.

Prior to her new role at IDW, Allison Baker has shown that she has to ability to be a girl in a wide range of roles including Director of Operations for Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios 2002 to 2005, Director of Production for an award-winning political media consultancy firm, and is currently pretty well known for her EXCLUSIVE CBR articles, Allison Types. That probably explains how CBR got the exclusive announcement.

What's really strange about this whole announcement is that an obviously talented comics professional was hired to an executive level position without the company reminding us how "forward thinking" or "progressive" they are because they just hired a girl to the role.  Considering how often comics fans (and professionals too) state that female creators and professionals are somehow different to their male counterparts, we're simply shocked that IDW didn't beat it into us that Baker's a girl...because that's what she is.  It's as if gender somehow wasn't a factor in this hire at all. 

We here at The Outhouse, your most progressive comic book website, are thrilled with this announcement as it means that sexism is officially dead in the comic book industry, all thanks to a girl.  Congratulations, Allison Baker, from The Outhouse.


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