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Are You Sad Over The Temporary Hiatus Of Wolverine?

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, July 01 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Are You Sad Over The Temporary Hiatus Of Wolverine?

Have no fear; Marvel’s marketing division is here to help.


Come this September through (probably) the rest of September Wolverine will be dead. Dead as dirt. Dead means dead. Dead and not showing up in 32.87 comics per month (only 21, but most of those are flashbacks or take place before he “died”.)

Do you get it yet, Marvel is killing off Wolverine.

It truly is a sad day as Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel told CBR:

After 40 years of being the best there is at what he does, we’re sad to say Logan’s story will come to an end this September

To help us get though our Wolverine detox, Marvel is sending out "Death of Wolverine" retailer kits which will provide fanbopys with much needed Wolverine fixes. The kits include:

  • Death of Wolverine Postcards
  • Death of Wolverine Deadpool Memorial Variant [below]
  • Death of Wolverine Young Memorial Lithographs [below]
  • Death of Wolverine Memorial Cards

We caught up with junior staff writer, 1990’s Jude Terror, for tips on how best to kick the Wolverine habit:

1990JT: Kick the habit? There is no “kicking the habit” once a Wolverine junkie always a Wolverine junkie. What are you telling me? He dies! That’s only 22 years away!  That’s not enough time!

1990’s Jude Terror then ran into a White Castle bathroom, grabbed his X-Men #30 (the wedding issue), melted down the Wolverine pages, and injected the remnants directly into his eyes.

1990JT: That’s the stuff. That there is the best of what there is.

So, yea, Wolverine will be dead come September, and if you can’t wait until October for him to come back, then you need more help than some celebratory death kit can provide. Maybe professional help. But, with the advent of $5 comics, you probably can’t afford help, so you’ll have to settle for some postcards.

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