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Yea, Finch, That Made Everything Better

Written by GHERU on Wednesday, July 02 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Yea, Finch, That Made Everything Better

Maybe you should have hired someone to write that tweet for you.


On Monday afternoon, DC announced what we’d all feared in the back of our minds for the past six months, that David and Meredith Finch would take over the art and writing duties, respectfully, of Wonder Woman. Because that seems like a good idea.

Heh, I said “duties”

In what one can only hope is a contest to out stupify the previous day, superstar artist David Finch had this to say to CBR:

Really, from where I come from, and we've talked about this a lot, we want to make sure it's a book that treats her as a human being first and foremost, but is also respectful of the fact that she represents something more. We want her to be a strong -- I don't want to say feminist, but a strong character. Beautiful, but strong.

There’s quite a bit wrong with the above blurb, from the oddly common phrase “beautiful, but strong” as if up until now no one had ever considered the possibility of the two not being mutually exclusive. But, the part that got the internet’s panties all up in a bunch was “I don't want to say feminist.” For over seven decades Wonder Woman has fought side by side with the feminist movement in both the DC Universe(s) and the real world. We can get into a debate about what feminism is – and what it is not – but really, I’ve had arguments with our readers, and I don’t recommend it. All I’ll say here is that the suggestion that Wonder Woman would not be a feminist was a very dumb thing to say and, we can only hope, was not well thought out.

But then Finch wanted to clarify / apologize:

Oh, Dave, no…

Yea, but we’ve all forgotten about that due to the first tweet. Remember what you said? Here, lets look again:

Mr. Finch, I know you are not a writer and it is not fair to hold you to the same standards we would people who communicate with words professionally, but you do realize what you just said, right?

I wasn't saying Wonder Woman is not for being equal, and therefore a feminist.

I’m not even sure what this is trying to say. You weren’t saying that “Wonder Woman is not for being equal”, so… you aren’t saying that she is for being unequal? That makes sense, I guess. So, since she isn’t for inequality she is a feminist? That, kinda works. Where you lose it is the next sentence.

I just want her to be a human being, fallible and real.

Ok, we have a problem here; the way these two sentences are set up, the second one seems to say that someone cannot be both a feminist *and* human or real, as if they're mutually exclusive.

[Jude Terror busts into the Writer’s RUm]

Jude: Ummm, you missed one. He also said falli...

RU: No I didn’t ;-)

Jude (squinting): What did you do?

RU: Don't worry, Jude. I'm not going to make light of this situation by making a joke about feminists. I know better than that.

Jude: Phew!

RU: I'm going to have a woman do it.

Dear Outhouse, I would like to (re)introduce you to Kat Rocha, forum poster, comic book creator (hey, look a RUview!), successful Kickstarter (with a new one just announced), and all around awesome lady….who happens to really dislike feminists.

Kat Rocha: Thanks, RU! Can we start from the top?

RU: Sure

Ok, we have a problem here; the way these two sentences are set up, the second one seems to say that someone cannot be a feminist *and* human, fallible, or real, as if they're mutually exclusive.

Kat Rocha: To be fair, RU, everyone knows that feminists aren’t fallible, just ask one.


RU: Thanks, Kat

Kat Rocha: Anytime!

Look, Mr. Finch, David, Dave…as I already said, I know you are not a writer and its really not all that fair to dissect a tweet, but you sent out two tweets specifically to clarify that you do not dislike the idea of Wonder Woman being a feminist, and this is what you came up with?





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