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Not To Put Too Fine A Point On It: Marvel Renames & Resolicits [Avengers & X-Men] Axis

Written by GHERU on Wednesday, July 09 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Not To Put Too Fine A Point On It: Marvel Renames & Resolicits [Avengers & X-Men] Axis

Because having an “A” and an “X” in the name was too subtle for some retailers.

Source: Marvel Comics Cancels Axis, Replaces It With Avengers & X-Men Axis

A couple of years ago, during Marvel’s Dark Reign storyline, a buddy of mine who worked in a comic book store are the time told me that fans of Deadpool stopped buying the new book once it lost the Dark Reign tag line because some readers though that it was a different series. That’s right, more than one person stopped buying Deadpool not because of Daniel Way but because changing from this

to this

was too confusing for them to keep up.

Me and my buddy had a good laugh at the idiots.

Turns out, they outnumber us…by a lot. According to BleedingCool, Marvel has canceled their upcoming Axis event and resolicited it because pre-orders for the first issue were too low:

Retailer orders for Axis #1 for September have been cancelled by Marvel, the comic will now be renamed as Avengers & X-Men Axis #1 and resolicited in August’s catalogue, for October shipping.

Turns out, that having the "A" from The Avengers and The "X" from X-Men was not enough to convince retailers that both Avengers and X-Men would feature in the event.

I guess, after the lackluster sales of Inhumanity, Marvel wanted to make sure that Avengers & X-Men Axis sold well, but c’mon, do they really have to beat us over the head with it?

Actually, yes, yes they do.

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