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#SDCC Shocker: Popular Comic Book or Comic Related Property Coming to San Diego Comic Con This Year

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, July 10 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

#SDCC Shocker: Popular Comic Book or Comic Related Property Coming to San Diego Comic Con This Year

The subject will be featured in a panel, booth, comic con exclusive, or some combination of the three!

Source: ThanosCopter Newswire

Fanboys and fangirls all over the internet reacted with squees of pleasure when a popular entertainment company announced via press release or exclusive news story with a high traffic blog that one or several of their most beloved and anticipated properties will be making an appearance of some kind at San Diego Comic Con this year. The story was immediately picked up by dozens of press outlets who ran headlines like "Full Lineup of Popular Comic Publisher's Events at Comic Con" and "Popular Property Coming to a Panel Near You at San Diego 2014." These headlines subsequently pulled in millions of readers who were taken by complete surprise to learn that this particular movie, TV show, or comic book would have a presence at the biggest comic and geek related event of the year, resulting in lots of advertising pageviews and revenue for all.

"We're really pleased to be bringing in unique hits to our website from exclusive and non-exclusive comic con related news stories weeks before the convention actually begins," said the Editor in Chief of a renowned online publication, adding, "I think readers will be pleased to learn that our headline is worded at least 10% differently from the dozens of other headlines reporting the same news on sites nearly indistinguishable from this one in design, tone, and content, and they will also enjoy reading about this information in overly-drawn out single articles over the course of several weeks instead of in the easy-to-reference, all-inclusive schedules that are constantly updated San Diego Comic Con's own website."

"Oi, I told people that this property would be at comic con minutes before those other websites, Oi did!" proclaimed another notable blogger. "Pip pip!"

From a fan's perspective, it's a relief to know that the property will be featured this year, even though it has been featured every year for the past seventeen comic cons, or, if it is a new or returning property, its producers have promoted similar properties in the same way at the seminal comics event for as long as anyone can remember. "Phew!" said one fan when learning that his or her particular favorite property would have representation of some kind this year. "I was afraid that this ongoing, returning, or upcoming property that is of high interest to the crowd that attends and follows Comic Con every year and which is currently being released or will be released in the relatively near future would have absolutely no presence at an event that is designed for the promotion of exactly that type of property, but thanks to this article, I now know that my fears were baseless, and I can rest easy."

Stay tuned to this website for about a hundred more announcements just like this one in the coming weeks

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