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And They Almost Got Away With It: Gail Simone Driven Off Batgirl Over Creative Differences With Editor

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, July 11 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

And They Almost Got Away With It: Gail Simone Driven Off Batgirl Over Creative Differences With Editor

While praising the new creative team, Gail Simone reveals the reason she left Batgirl.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Happy Friday, Outhousers! Ol' Jude Terror is manning the shop without editorial oversight today, as Outhouse Editor in Chief Christian Hoffer is busying dealing with his conflicted feelings of joy and self loathing after learning that Lebron James is returning to Cleveland to rejoin Hoffer's beloved Cavaliers. It's a really difficult time for him. When I asked him whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, he told me, "The best player wants to play for my team? Hell yeah it's a good thing!" Keep telling yourself that, Hoffer. Maybe one day you'll really believe it. Send him your well wishes on Twitter. Hopefully he feels better soon.

In any case, Hoffer is absent in a time of great need, because it looks like we might have a DECISION of our own to make. Remember yesterday, when we reported on the new Batgirl creative team and the new direction for the character? And we said that it looked like Gail Simone left the title of her own volition? Well, as it turns out, there's a little more to that story. It seems that Simone left the title due to... wait for it... creative differences with the book's editor. Whick editor? Well, it could be middle management editor Mike Marts, who left DC for Marvel - good luck with that, Marvel - in the wake of Burbankmageddon, or it could be Batgirl editor Katie Kubert , who also left DC for Marvel, but it's definitely not current Batbook line editor Mark Doyle, since Simone specifically credits him with turning things around for the better. She does confirm that the editor in question left DC after she quit, so we know it was one of the two. Bleeding Cool says Kubert, and she was the most recent depature and Uncle Rich may have been posing as a potted plant in DC's offices for months to get that info, but, at the same time, Simone specifically praises Doyle, Marts' replacement. I know! More scandalous than a Lebron James free agency (wait, do I have to stop making fun of Lebron James now?).

Here's what Simone said on Tumblr (full post here):

I was not fired, I quit, over creative differences. However, the book has a new editor and he is much more open to creative suggestions and I think the book will benefit HUGELY from his presence.


Bleeding Cool, by virtue of being located an England and living on a godless reverse timetable, managed to collect all the tweets about this we were sleeping, and you can read them all here. We're going to rearrange them a bit to put things in context. Also, please note that Simone wishes no ill will to the new creative team, and we don't either. The new book does look like it will be a lot of fun. So don't hold this against them. Ok, here we go:




So Gail left over creative differences with the editor, then the editor or editors left DC, and the book was finally allowed to be what Gail wanted it to be, but there was already a new creative team? Oh, for fuck’s sake. Again, we're guessing the editor in question is either Mike Marts or Katie Kubert, though he or she is never mentioned by name. His replacement seems to be faring better, in Gail Simone's eyes at least: 





But fear not, Gail Simone fans - there’s plenty to be positive about:







So any news on some of this fun, rewarding work we haven’t heard of yet? Well, it’s not Birds of Prey:



Maybe something a little different…



We know that’s a joke, but we swear to God DC, make that book happen, and we’ll strike ten previous counter resets from the record.

So yeah, DC drives a beloved creator off a title they are synonymous with, you know what we have to do. We have to. We have to reset that counter. Those are the rules.

But thankfully, this one seems to have worked itself out before anyone even caught wind of it. As we said earlier, we stand by what we said about the new Batgirl team’s work looking promising, and Gail does too. She prefaced her comments by saying:




And later added:






That’s what we plan to do. And so, it is with mixed emotions and some optimism that we say: it has been 0 days since DC did something stupid. Now, let’s welcome the new creative team to Batgirl, look forward to more great work from Gail Simone at DC and elsewhere, and enjoy the schadenfreude of watching the residents of Ohio rationalize egomaniac Lebron James’ return to the team he left in one of the biggest public spectacles to ever insult an entire city.



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