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Five Reasons You Should Support the Outhouse

Written by Christian on Thursday, July 17 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Five Reasons You Should Support the Outhouse

Because lists are always the best way of explaining things.

Source: Outhouse's Patreon Page

As you may or may not have heard yesterday, the Outhouse launched a Patreon page yesterday to help fund the site.  Patreon allows backers of the website to give a set amount of money each month to the Outhouse and other projects.  We're looking to raise about $120 a month from Patreon, which will help the site pay for its server costs.  Any additional funds will be used to compensate our volunteer writing staff and help the site expand. 

While the Outhouse received several backers yesterday, we're still a ways away from reaching even our first goal.  You're probably wondering "Why should I help the Outhouse?", so I've taken the time to compile a random number of reasons to support the site.

1)  Your Money Will Help Keep the Outhouse the Way It Is

The Outhouse has prided itself over the years about being a non-conformist website that's more about having fun than making any sort of income.  While that's been great in creating an awesome community and being a unique voice in the industry, it has limited our options on how to raise money to pay the site's bills.  

The community has largely resisted many of the options left to the Outhouse on how to generate cash, including Adwords, full page ads and pop ups, and other more obtrusive advertising methods.  We've also avoided switching to a different forum hosting platform because most cheaper options would limit the community's ability to interact with one another, via more restrictive posting standards, limiting links and image posting, or smaller thread sizes.  

Not to be a downer, but if this Patreon campaign doesn't work, site management will probably be forced to make some hard decisions about the site, particularly the forum, which generates little ad revenue and uses up a lot of server space.  

If you like the Outhouse the way it is, pitching in to the Patreon campaign is a good way of showing it. 

2)  Supporting the Outhouse Will Allow Us to Cover Even More Comics Stuff

People always ask me, "Why don't you cover more __________?" The honest answer is that we're a bit limited.  The Outhouse is a pretty small team of volunteer staff who write about comics and entertainment news on top of their day jobs and lives.   There's simply not enough manpower to provide really comprehensive coverage about all the stuff going on the comics industry.  We're often forced to make decisions about what stories to write about, and it often comes down to covering the stuff we know will bring in the hits.

We'd love to cover more non-superhero comics and publishers.  We'd love to be able to review more comics.  We'd love to restart the Outhouse podcast.  However, none of that is really possible without your help.  

3)  You Don't Have to Give a Lot of Money

The great thing about Patreon is that you don't need to commit a lot of money to make a difference.   Most of our patrons have decided to pitch in a dollar or two a month, and we're already almost halfway to our first goal.  If fourteen people committed to $5 a month, we'll be able to pay the site's server costs.  

4)  We Have Cool Rewards

Supporting the Outhouse won't leave you empty handed.  We've come up with a couple of cool rewards for our supporters, including the much heralded "Has DC Done Something Stupid Today" t-shirts and forum flair.  If we hit our first milestone, we'll even re-brand the Outhouse as the NuOUTHOUSE.01 NOW!! for a month, complete with holofoil scenticular banners.

We've also set up a special Skype Chat Room that only our "$5.20/month" backers can access.  If you've ever wanted an Outhouse chat room and interact with all your favorite writers (Jude and ThanosCopter), here's your chance!  

We'll probably have some other cool rewards in the future that our backers will have first dibs on, too.  

5)  Your Money Could Save or Kill a Beloved Outhouse Personality 

One of the Outhouse's many gimmicks is our motley cast of characters.  From the excitable Jude Terror to the monstrous Frankenstein: Former Agent of SHADE to the lovable DC intern Vlad Kozinkerov to the studious Professor Puffinbottoms, we've slowly built up a cast of recurring personalities in our articles.  However, one of our characters might not make it to 2015...and its up to you to decide if they live or die! 

In the grand tradition of comics cash grab gimmicks, if we hit our first milestone goal of $120/month, we'll put one of our fictional Outhouse personalities' lives on the line, and allow our readership to decide whether they live or die in a totally legitimate online poll.  Yes, that's right, you could be the deciding vote on whether Vlad Kozinkerov is killed by a jealous executive, or if Professor Puffinbottoms' research on time travel anomolies causes him to be erased from the timeline, or if Jude Terror dies from eating too many chocodiles! 

I hope that you'll consider giving to the Outhouse, and help us continue to make this website great.  Another benefit to supporting the Outhouse's Patreon campaign is that once we reach some of our goals, I'll stop asking you for money, which is probably reason enough to consider donating.  

Thank you for your time! 






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