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Thank You for Supporting the Outhouse!

Written by Christian on Tuesday, July 22 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Thank You for Supporting the Outhouse!

One week after launching our Patreon campaign, we've already met our initial site goals.

Source: Our Patreon Campaign

Last week, the Outhouse announced a Patreon campaign to help stabilize its income stream in order to pay its monthly site bills and compensate some of our writing staff for their hard work.  As of this weekend, we've met our initial pledge goal!  We're very grateful for your support and readership, and promise that we won't let you down.  

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all those who have contributed thus far.  So....

Thank you, Ken Eppstein.

Thank you, Christian Wells.

Thank you, Pink Peril.

Thank you, BKthomson.

Thank you, Erik Galston.

Thank you, Ali Jaffery.

Thank you, Muddyglass.

Thank you, Lord Simian.

Thank you, GHERU.

Thank you, Daniel Interlandi.

Thank you, Steve Morris.

Thank you, Heidi MacDonald.

Thank you, Eric Palicki.

Thank you, David H. Siegel.

Thank you, Amanda Comi.

Thank you, Adrian Coleman.

Thank you, Bader Noaimi.

Thank you, Badgermushroom.

Thank you, Tim Hammick.


If you haven't contributed to the campaign yet, please consider.  We've got a lot of great plans for the site and they aren't possible without your help.  Thank you again!  


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