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Salt Lake Comic Con Co-Founder: SLCC Will Fight Cease and Desist from Comic Con International "Until We Prevail"

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, July 26 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Salt Lake Comic Con Co-Founder:  SLCC Will Fight Cease and Desist from Comic Con International

We spoke to Bryan Brandenburg about the reported cease and desist letter from San Diego Comic Con over the use of the phrase "comic con."

Earlier today, The Outhouse was the first to report on a breaking story about a cease and desist letter allegedly sent by Comic Con International, the company behind this weekend's San Diego Comic Con mega-event, to Salt Lake Comic Con, claiming a trademark on the phrase "comic con" (read all about that here). We reached out to both conventions for comment, and SLCC Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Bryan Brandenburg agreed to answer a few questions about the story.


There are "comic cons," "comic-cons," and "comiccons" all over the world every year. Why do you think Salt Lake Comic Con has been targeted in particular?

They found out we were bringing our wrapped car to San Diego and threatened us with legal action. We agreed not to bring it down and didn't but they sent the letter anyway

We also had our 2nd event the same weekend as their Wonder Con and we had record attendance over 100,000 and they did poorly.

This isn't the first time Comic Con International has tried this, is it?

They tried to stop Chicago Comic-Con and failed.

Besides the press release, how do you plan to respond if this goes further? How far will you go to fight this?

Until we prevail. We believe they'll back off after talking with our attorneys

How does Salt Lake Comic Con compare to San Diego in terms of size, attendance, content?

We had the largest first year comic con in North American history.

In April we had over 100,000 attendees making us the 3rd largest in the US

Salt Lake Comic Con's second outing is coming up this September. Could this impact the event?

We only think this will shed positive light on what we do here. Our fans, celebrities, city and state love us. We just want to put on a great comic con.

What can concerned fans do to help out if they're so inclined?

Just spread the word. We feel like the best thing to do is get word out on what's happening. It effects comic cons all over the world.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

Thank you!


Salt Lake Comic Con will take place Sept 4-6 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. You can view the full guest list here.

Read our original report, including a link to a PDF of the complaint and a "response" from Comic Con International here.

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