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SDCC: Marvel Announces SHIELD Ongoing Comic Series

Written by ThanosCopter on Sunday, July 27 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: Marvel Announces SHIELD Ongoing Comic Series

The series will be written by Mark Waid.

Source: Newsarama

Marvel announced that Mark Waid is writing a SHIELD ongoing comic series, starring characters from the Agents of SHIELD TV show.  The series will focus Coulson and his team (Skye, May, Fitz and Simmons all appear on the cover of issue #1) team up with various Marvel characters in the mainstream Marvel comic book universe.  Judging from the cover of SHIELD #1, the series will have more Marvel characters appear in the first ten pages than Agents of SHIELD did all last season.  No words if any of the tedious pacing, inconsequential plots, or cheesy dialogue will crossover from the TV show to the comic, but since Waid's writing it, we're guessing that it won't.  Waid indicated that characters like Rocket Raccoon and Howard the Duck will be teaming up with Coulson's team of agents and that Fitz will finally get his helper monkey.

SHIELD will have a rotating casts of artists and will focus primarily on "one and done" plots.  The series will premiere in December.


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