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Mutants Against Mutant Activism

Written by GHERU on Monday, July 28 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Mutants Against Mutant Activism

I think it's fine, but expect a lot of TL;DR comments

Source: RU's imagination

Depending on the make-up of your Facebook page, you might have noticed a growing movement made up of mutants who oppose the concept of mutant activism, Mutants Against Mutant Activism (MaMa). The movement apes the meme of pet owners writing signs for their pets when they are bad by posting mutants holding hand written (usually) signs stating why that individual does not need mutant activism. Here are some examples:

  • I don’t need mutant activism because I do not believe that mutants are superior to humans.
  • I don’t need mutant activism because I do not believe that mutants should rule over humans.
  • I don’t need mutant activism because I am not oppressed nor am I a victim.
  • I don’t need mutant activism because I have all the same rights under the Constitution as humans.

In an effort to understand the Mutants Against Mutant Activism movement The Outhouse posted, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, a call for MaMa’s to share their views and stories with us. After reading the dozens (we don’t have many Facebook or Twitter followers) of letters we received it was decided that we should invite three of them and at least one mutant activist to The Outhouse studio for an interview. Once we remembered that we did not have a studio (please, pledge to our Patreon campaign) we “borrowed” a stranger’s smart phone (he didn’t need it once he it was obvious that he was unconscious) and settled for a Skype video call. The panel is as follows:


(Writer’s note – I know that it is uncouth in our modern society to mention certain aspects of a person when discussing them, but in this case, since the conversation is about mutants, it was decided that it was fair game to list each participants “stats” as it were.)


Mutants Against Mutant Activism:

  • Ernst Foster: Male / looks human / mutant power: telekinesis
  • Danica Parr: Female / looks human-ish (pointy ears) / mutant power: heightened senses
  • Kathryn Ward: Female / looks human / mutant power: can lengthen or shorten all body hair on command.

Mutant Activist:

Forrest Underwood: Male / human-ish (dragon like wings protruding from his back) / mutant power: flights and heightened senses


RU: First off, I would like to thank each of you for coming…calling into this conference.

Ernst/Danica/Kathryn/Forrest: Thank you for having us.

RU: Understanding that not every member of a movement agrees with every message of said movement, I want to give each of you a chance to look at these four examples of MaMa Messages (listed above) and give me your reactions. Ernst, why don’t you go first?

Ernst Foster: Thank you, RU. Looking over the messages you provided for us here, I have to say that I agree with all of them, especially the last one: “I don’t need mutant activism because I have all the same rights under the Constitution as humans.” This is how I feel about all such “movements,” whether it be for gay rights, minority rights, or women’s rights; they are all covered under the constitution. Mutants don’t need special rights. To quote Ainsly Hayes from The West Wing, “The same Article 14 that protects you protects me…”

RU: You still believe that in the face of recent events such as the Supreme Court ruling that stated that “Friends of Humanity” co-founder Snidely Whiplash is permitted to decline healthcare for mutants due to his fervent religious belief that G-d hates mutants?

EF: Indeed. If you notice, that applies to all citizens – Jews, women, gays, et al, so it’s not really a mutant rights issue. As bad of a ruling as this is, as soon as some white lady in Iowa is told that her kids won’t be covered by her company’s health care because the Muslim owner of said company refuses to cover employees or family members that eat pork, this ruling will be over-turned.

Forest Underwood: Doesn’t that just go to show that mutants and other minorities are not equal? Why should we have to wait for a member of the majority to become injured before this ruling is deemed unfavorable?

Kathryn Ward: Excuse me for interrupting, but the two of you are getting wrapped up in inane details, all you need to know it that the entire mutant activism movement is a hive of bullies and victims.

RU: Interesting. Care to explain?

KW: Certainly. The current generation of mutant activists has become a bunch of bullies who, instead of looking for equity, have begun to ask for special rights in order to station themselves above humans while labeling every human as a “mutant hater” who only what to suppress mutants.

RU: Really? That’s odd. I’m not trying to argue with you, but I have met many mutant rights activists in my time, such as Forest here, and absolutely none of them even hinted at this level of vitriol towards humans.

KW: What about Fabian Cortez? Exodus? Apocalypse?

F.U.: Naming terrorists doesn’t really help your point. That’s basically arguing that we should outlaw Islam due to actions of Al-Qaeda.

KW: Did you just call me a member of Al-Qaeda?

F.U.: Nope, not even close. I asked if your reliance on the extremes of the mutant movement is fair considering that most rational people don’t hold specific groups or ideologies accountable for the extreme fringe. Most people realize that just because there are people on the left who support Socialism it doesn’t mean that Democrats are socialists. Nor is it fair to say that all Republicans are bat shit crazies because of Michelle Bachman.

KW: Yes they are.

RU: Wait, what? “Yes” who are what?

KW: Democrats are socialists and republicans are bat shit crazies.

RU: Based on…

KW: Forest just said!

F.U.:…There is no talking to you is there?

KW: What do you mean?

RU: Moving on; Danica, you’ve been awfully quiet.

Danica Parr: The point that is being missed in all of this talk of extremes is the very simple fact that the mutant rights movement has served its purpose.

RU: How so?

DP: Even granting that it was ever necessary, we no longer need mutant activism because, as stated in your examples, there exists no “war on mutants” considering that those four (and many others) are saying that they are treated equally,.

F.U.: That is all well and good, but isn’t there an inherent selfishness in that? Wouldn’t another way of wording the “I don’t need mutant activism” statements be, basically, “I got mine, who cares about the rest.”?

DP: No, that is completely unfair.

F.U.: Really? How about this let pretend I am gay and live in New York State; I can legally marry the person I love, I have visitation rights in hospitals, and can adopt children. So, my stance now is “I don’t need gay activism because I can marry the man I love.” How is that any different than a mutant living on Utopia saying that they don’t need mutant activism because “I can shop wherever I want.”? How is that different from “I don’t need the Constitution because no one has ever hindered my right to free speech.”? I don’t need the Bill of Rights because no one has ever tried to establish an official “Church of America.”

DP: The difference is that the mutant rights movement is an attempt to label all humans as evil.

RU: Says who?

DP: Magneto.

F.U.: Again, you jump to the extreme.

RU: Forest, please stop interrupting. Danica, all I am asking you to cite one respectable source that has stated that all humans rape, kill, rob, mistreat, and murder mutants.

DP: That’s what we’ve come to expect from mutant rights activists, rather than debate us you, basically, tell us to go read a dictionary.

RU: I’m no expert, but it seems rather impossible to have a discussion when one member of the conversation only relies on the extreme. How would it be possible to begin a conversation between you and mutant rights activists when you require that they start from the premise that they want to enslave humanity?

EF: Because they do!

F.U.: Please, cite your source. Or, is it just easier to maintain your argument if you are not asked to do that? All I am saying is that following the hashtag HumansAreEvil isn’t really a reliable source.

Kathryn Ward: We don’t need mutant activism because oppression is oppression no matter the species, and focusing on mutants only goes to create special rights.

RU: So, there is mutant oppression?

KW: As stated before, I’m good, so we don’t need mutant activism.

F.U.: This reminds me of the Jewish Four Sons parable popular at Passover:

The Torah refers to four sons: One wise, one contrary, one simple and one who does not know how to ask a question […]

The Contrary Sons asks: "What does this drudgery mean to you?" To you and not to him. Since he excludes himself from the community, he has denied a basic principle of Judaism. You should blunt his teeth by saying to him: "It is for the sake of this that Hashem did for me when I left Egypt. For me and not for him. If he was there he would not have been redeemed.

By only focusing on the fact that you do not need activism takes away from the collective barging power of large groups. I might say that because I have clean water to drink we no longer need the EPA or any other pollution watchdog group because they “want to kill all humans and return the earth to the animals.”

KW: That’s ridiculous. No one in their right mind would advocate for the murder of all human life in order to save the planet.

RU: But it is reasonable to focus on the extremes to vilify mutant activism?


RU: What about your fellow mutants who are not so luck as to look human or mostly human?

Danica Parr: Again with the victims. Wha wha wha, I can’t get a job because I look like a teddy bear. I’m a gonna cry because my boss calls me “bat boy” because I look like a bat. Talk about extreme examples. Look, the bigger picture here is, like Kathryn stated, is that we want to focus on oppression and inequality everywhere, not just for mutants.

F.U.: Then why do 99% of the memes posted start with “I don’t need” rather than “we don’t need”? Most every image of this movement I have seen has only focused on what one individual experienced with no interest in the experiences of others. Furthermore, since you do seem to be granting that there is oppression, isn’t the use of the word “need” disingenuous? Wouldn’t a more accurate statement be “We don’t need mutant activism because fixing oppression cannot rely solely on the mistreatment of a specific minority.”? And, finally, the anti-mutant activism movement seems to also grant that there used to be a need for specific mutant focused support groups. Is the current argument that since we are all equal now we don’t need mutant groups and that in the absence of such groups there is no chance that our society could revert back to the days of human / mutant inequalities? Going back to an earlier example, would you argue that since no one has established a Church of America that we no longer need the First Amendment?

DP: I don’t need other mutants speaking out for me because I am not a victim.

F.U.: And real victims of oppression don’t need help?

KW: I don’t need mutant activism because I don’t look at my human children as mutant murderers.

F.U.: Good for you, I don’t really see the connection.

EF: I don’t need mutant activism because the rise of mutant rights has upset the status quo of very powerful people and the quicker we dispel the notion that mutants need to be diligent regarding their rights the faster…oh, wait, I don’t think this talking point was supposed to be sent to me.

RU: Well, on that note it’s time to wrap this up, mainly because the guy who’s phone I “borrowed” is starting to stir. I’d like to thank my panel quests for their answers and total obliviousness to any valid point the other side made. It’s almost as if this were an actual news program.

Well, it’s obvious that this controversy won’t be solved by us. I know, shocker, right? What say you, dear readers? Is it fair to quote outliers when discussing an ideology? Is the use of memes and social networking a valid method of discussing such issues? Can we, in this day and age, even have an honest discussion about….anything?


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