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SDCC: Adrianne Curry Beats Up Cosplay Harasser at Comic Con

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, July 29 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: Adrianne Curry Beats Up Cosplay Harasser at Comic Con

After witnessing a sexual assault at Comic Con on Sunday, the Top Model winner, dressed as Catwoman, chased down the assailant and kicked his ass.

Source: TMZ

Despite the results of rogue blogger Janelle Asselin's sexual harrasment survey that revealed that thirteen percent of the 3600 respondents had experienced sexual harassment at a comic convention, some major conventions are still worried that posting clear harassment policies in public would give the media the impression that harassment is a problem at conventions (what?), which would apparently be bad for conventions because it's true. San Diego Comic-Con, for instance, still does not post a clear, formal harassment policy at conventions, though, for the first time this year, they did send out an email to ticketholders telling them not to do it.

Perhaps that's why some congoers are taking matters into their own hands. For instance, a miserable excuse for a human being at San Diego Comic Con on Sunday decided to take matters into his own hands when he walked up behind model Alicia Marie, dressed as Tigra, and pulled her pants down. And friend and geek celebrity Adrianne Curry took matters into her own hands when, dressed in a Catwoman costume, she chased the guy down and beat his ass.

In her own words from, some sort of social media hub for celebrities:

Pains me to even tweet this but I have to say and I have to thank #superherobadass "Catwoman" @AdrianneCurry @Katrina and @Todd_Roy for being such EPIC friends......

YESTERDAY, myself, dressed as Tigra, was with the above-mentioned friends and we were all in the super crowded San Diego Comic-Con International Gaslamp area taking photos with #SDCC peeps and fans. Some total A$$H0LE came up behind me and tried to stick his hands in my bottoms and then yanked my tail and pants down.
I just freaked out, screamed trying to keep my bottoms up -- but Adrianne Curry literally took off after dude WITH her Catwoman whip and chased him down, beat his ass. Punched him across the face with the butt of her whip -- he had blood on his face - got on her costume. Katrina got in his face, Todd shoved him, the guy ran off - huge ruckus and yep some people got their cell phones out of course.

I was very VERY upset because as many times as I have attended #SDCC, I have never experienced this behavior. Just the day before, one of the Trek Bunnies, Amanda Orion) had to have a guy kicked out of the con for being lewd and disgusting and shoving his camera lens between our legs when 3 of us were walking out.

This event is supposed to be a fun, light-hearted, exciting, and yes over the top time for everyone. That does not mean start disrespecting people and thinking you can act like an IDIOT just because they have a costume on. Very disappointing.
However, this problem is not going away as SDCC has just had to introduce a "No Harrassment Policy" at the con because as the event itself has gotten so big in recent years it has invited a host of random MESS and foolish behaviors. Sad.

%$^$-tards aside, it's still the best time I have all year -
Right now, I am just thankful and happy I have friends that don't even have to put a costume on to be superheroes. AM


Yes, this costume is sexy, especially if you are sexually attracted to cats. Even so, that doesn't give you the right to harass her. Hopefully, that clears things up for you, morons.

So nice job, Comic Con International. If there's one way to prevent the media from finding out about your harassment problem, it's by refusing to post an official policy so that celebrities dressed as superheroes are forced to chase down assaulters and beat them up. That's certainly not the sort of thing that will make national headlines.

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