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Arrow Gets a Manhunter

Written by ThanosCopter on Tuesday, August 05 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Arrow Gets a Manhunter

Another DC character is joining the cast of Arrow.

Source: THR

The CW announced yesterday that David Cubitt will play Mark Shaw in an upcoming episode of Arrow. Shaw, better known as Manhunter to DC Comics fans, will appear in the third episode as an ARGUS operative working out of the fictional DC nation of Corto Maltese.  Cubitt previously had starring roles on Medium and Traders.

In the comics, Shaw was the star of the late 1980s Manhunter series.  A public defender fed up with how easily criminals manipulated the system, Shaw joined a cult led by a robot Manhunter (a frequent foe of Green Lanterns) before quitting and becoming a bounty hunter chasing costumed criminals.  Shaw eventually joined the Suicide Squad and later retired.  In the New 52, Shaw was recently introduced as a US Marshall with no known superhero alias.

Shaw won't be the first Manhunter to appear on Arrow.  Chelah Horsdal played DA Kate Spencer in the first two seasons of the show.  In the comics, Spencer took over the Manhunter mantle.  Spencer was killed in second to last episode of the season by one of Deathstroke's lackeys.  

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