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Randy Queen Backs Down from Threatening Blogs Who Criticize His Artwork

Written by ThanosCopter on Wednesday, August 06 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Randy Queen Backs Down from Threatening Blogs Who Criticize His Artwork

The artist had previously used DMCA takedowns and legal threats to attack blogs that criticized him.

Source: Facebook

Earlier this week, we reported on Randy Queen's alleged attempts to use the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and legal threats to silence blogs such as Escher Girls who criticized his artwork.  Today, Queen issued the following statement regarding his actions:

Just wanted to clear up a few things that happened this past week. I have been having a very hard time in my personal life with the loss of my mother and my marriage having fallen apart and found myself in a very vulnerable and fragile state of mind. There were posts on the web criticizing my artwork that were brought to my attention and added to my stress. I reacted without thinking it through, but have now stopped, realizing my response was the wrong one to take. I am doing my best, each day, to get myself back on my feet and getting my life in a better place and realize now that I have just try to move on and get back to my art, the thing I find the most joy in these days. I want to thank those professionals, friends and family who have been giving me their support, understanding and love. 

In related news, Tumblr has partially restored the Escher Girls posts that were removed after Queen filed takedown notices against them.  The text of those posts remains intact, but the images are still removed. 

The site owner of Escher Girls, Ami, also posted a handy timeline of events on her personal blog last night regarding the recent controversy.  In the blog, she also noted that Ken from Popehat had put her in touch with legal counsel.  I know I was a bit confused about the initial scope of the threats and emails (something that Ami helpfully pointed out and corrected), so if you want a concise timeline, that's the place to go.  It hasn't been updated with today's apology, but I think it's always good to get an accurate recounting of events from one of the central figures of this whole thing. 

I hope that this marks the end of this silliness.  Legal threats, even laughable ones made on shaky legal ground, are always stressful and I'm glad that Escher Girls and their readership were able to rally and overcome this.  

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