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Is Michael Bay Making a Live Action My Little Pony Movie?!

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, August 15 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Is Michael Bay Making a Live Action My Little Pony Movie?!

We promise to answer that question in this very article with special guest, brony, and Michael Bay expert Ken Eppstein!

Source: ThanosCopter Newswire

Hi folks, it’s your pal Jude Terror here. With Outhouse Editor in Chief Christian Hoffer on vacation this week, we’ve had our unpaid interns working overtime to scour the web for the hottest geek news and gossip, and we’ve been using those same interns to handle all our fact checking. The process is very efficient, and I think it’s working out great so far! On the personal front, it's been an exciting blur of a week for me, starting off with a pinched nerve in my neck, resulting in various forms of medication which, when combined, gave me a kidney stone more painful than the initial nerve pinch. So yeah, not a great combination there.

And speaking of combinations that are not great, when I returned to my desk in The Outhouse newsroom after lunch today, I was excited to find this story about a rumored Michael Bay live action My Little Pony movie waiting for me to write up. I don’t know how much truth there is to this story, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one kidney stone and call on the world’s foremost expert on ponies and Michael Bay, who also happens to be this week’s Outhouse sponsor, Ken Eppstein from Nix Comics in Columbus, Ohio.

Jude Terror: Thanks for joining me, Ken.

Ken Eppstein: Yeah man… No problem. I’m busy but always try to make time the Outhouse.

Jude: So, Ken, what can we expect from a Michael Bay My Little Pony adaptation?

Ken: Geez… I don’t know. A lot of pissed fans of the source material? And commercials… Endless commercials beating us into a state of mind submissive enough to climb into our car, go to the theater and spring for a 3D ticket.

Jude: I would expect a little bit more detailed analysis from the world’s foremost expert on Michael Bay and ponies, Ken.

Ken: Me too. You should find that guy. I’ve never seen a Bay film. As for MLP, I only know what what I gleaned from that Bronies documentary I saw on Netflix.

I can talk to you about Punk Rock records, B-Movies, and small press publishing… I’m closer to being an expert on those subjects.

Jude: Seriously? Well, is Michael Bay even making a My Little Pony movie?

Ken: I dunno. Seems unlikely.

Jude: Ok, then how do you explain that production image at the top of the article?

Ken: Hey man… It’s your article. It looks like someone on your staff used photoshop to put Megan Fox’s head on a horse. Shame, too. That horse could probably act before the operation...

Jude: (*checks paperwork*) Oh yeah, that was me. But who the hell came up with this story in the first place?!

*An unpaid intern enters the Outhouse Newsroom*

Vlad Kozinkerov: They tell me, Vlad, make the headlines that will bait the clicks, so that is what I do.

Jude: What idiot told you that?!

Vlad: You did.

Jude: This is awkward.

Ken: Yeah. Seems like the wires got crossed. I thought we were going to talk about the Kirby4Heroes campaign and how I supported the Outhouse on Patreon and things like that.

Jude: Ok, well, the readers are pretty much locked in now, so let's talk about that. What's it about?

Ken: It’s pretty simple: This month I’ll be donating $1 per comic I sell to the Hero Initiative on behalf of the Kirby4Heroes fundraiser.

I don’t know how familiar Outhouse readers are with Kirby4Heroes and the Hero Initiative, but they are pretty cool charity efforts. The Hero Initiative focuses on aiding comic creators, a largely under insured group of people, who are in need of medical care and support. Kirby4Heroes is a fundraising effort for the Hero Initiative run by Jack Kirby’s granddaughter, Jillian. This year they hope to raise $15K.

Jude: Is this something you do every year?

Ken: It’s a new thing this year. I first learned about Kirby4Heroes last year when people were donating $9.60 to the Heroes Initiative in honor of Jack Kirby’s 96th birthday. I kicked in $10, but wished it could be more.

At the time I was particularly reflective on how things can go wrong for a comics creator: I was convalescing from an abscessed cyst on my back and looking up at some pretty significant bills despite being insured through my day job. (I’m still paying those bills in fact!) It struck me how easily lack of insurance and proper medical care could end an otherwise productive comics career.

So this year I figured that I’d try to up the donation I’m able to make by selling comics. If its even moderately successful, I’ll do it every year going forward.

Jude: What kind of comics can people buy from Nix?

Ken: Oh man. Things have really blown up the past few years… Nix Comics specializes in comics that sell well in record stores and other alternative venues/boutiques with a rock and roll theme. That’s led to a lot of titles!

The flagship title is Nix Comics Quarterly, which pays homage to simultaneously to pre-code horror comics and zines like Punk Magazine. Each issue has 6-8 short twisted fables loaded with lots of garage rock references and Eaater Eggs. Pretty much anyone who likes the Ramones or Cramps or Tales from the Crypt will dig this title.

The first issue of Nix Western Comics comes with a 45 rpm record soundtrack. It’s pretty much a straight up oater inspired by flicks like The Magnificent Seven and the Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns. It’s a little different in that I try to make the most of the Western genre being a time machine of sorts: the main characters meet a fiery end at the end of issue #1, with their back stories being told in subsequent issues.

Nix Comics for Kids features Boy Howdie and his doofy hipster parents. Its an all ages affair with some kid oriented gags and plenty of 20th century cool references for the parental units.

Finally, I have a bunch of comics that I’ll loosely call the Rock N Roll Comics Collection. These are music themed books that are either adaptations of true stories… Like “Do You Remember Rock ‘N Roll Record Stores” which is a biographical piece about the day my friend Bela met the Ramones while working at a local record shop… or reprints of cool graphic novels that I think need to be brought back to an audience. Mark Rudolph’s Closing Doors and Pure Entertainment #1 are both pocket sized reprints that I’ve worked with the original creators and publishers to bring back.

I’ve set up some package deals for this drive where people can get complete sets of the different titles at a discount off of cover price. (The package deals also only count as “1 item” for shipping, so people will save there too.)

Jude: And is this only for people buying online?

Ken: Mostly, but not only. I have some events that I’ll be at in Columbus over the next couple of weeks. Money from those sales will go to the campaign.

Oh! And wholesale orders have a chip in too! 50 cents per comic sold wholesale will go to Kirby4Heroes too…. So people can nag their local shops to get in touch with me for a wholesale order and feel good about it!

Jude: So let me get this straight. People can buy great independent comics from Nix, help out a good cause, and to top it all off, the world will not have to suffer through a Michael Bay My Little Pony movie?

Ken: That about sums it up.

Jude: This is the best news I’ve heard all week! Thanks for helping me out with this, Ken. I’m working on a story for next week about Uwe Boll making a Strawberry Shortcake flick. You’re the guy to talk to about that, right? That's what it says right here... (*shuffles papers*)

Ken: You might want to check for crossed wires again there, cowboy.

Jude: Vlad!!!



Thanks to Nix Comics for sponsoring The Outhouse through our Patreon campaign this week, and for brightening our day. Just think about it - you came in this article thinking Michael Bay might be making a My Little Pony film, and now you know he's not. We've answered the question, and your life is looking a lot less bleak than it did ten minutes ago. If you like comics, Michael Bay, ponies, kids, westerns, rock n' roll, charity, or any combination of the above, please check out Nix Comics and consider buying something from them.


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