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'The Expendables 3' Proves to Be Expendable at the Box-Office, 'TMNT' Wins Again

Written by Zechs on Sunday, August 17 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

'The Expendables 3' Proves to Be Expendable at the Box-Office, 'TMNT' Wins Again

The PG-13 rating just wasn't the charm for the third outing of the Expendables franchise as the sinful TMNT wins for the second week in a row and GoTG hits a milestone.

Whelp, this just goes to show you: people do in fact go to see certain movies if they have certain ratings. The Expendables 3 bombed at the box office this weekend, earning only $16.2 million dollars (as per Box Office Mojo). Considering it's predecessor, Expendables 2 earned just over $28 million dollars in it's first week out (it ended up with earning $48 million dollars in it's domestic run in the US), this has to be seen as a flop.

Having seen the recent outing of the Expandables, I can tell you that it was an alright movie, but  was hampered with three problems:

1.) It had a VERY weak climax involving so many characters (only made semi-watchable thanks to Antonio Banderas, Dolph Lundgren (for a minor quip early on), and Mel Gibson (whose main villain even points out the heavy flaw during the end: ten people and not a single freaking one injured or killed? WTF you suck at shooting worse than freaking Imperial Stormtroopers?!). Add that Jason Statham's mid-level boss fight, which has become a standard in these films, felt so horribly edited and shot this time around (this could have been a better fight scene in the hands of a better director who knew how to shoot an action film). The same for the throwdown with Gibson and Stallone, with the latter somehow managing to go back down to the hotel even though he could have escaped earlier (and didn't know Gibson was lingering there) because we had to have a final fight?

2.) We pay to see the 80s action icons (plus Statham and Terry Crews), not a freaking young bunch of misfits with the only one with any sort of charisma being MMA Fighter Ronda Rouse. Still, Kelsey Grammer's character was entertaining as heck, and again, Banderas added to the fun during the middle portion of the film.  Plus, it was magical seeing Wesley Snipes FINALLY in this franchise.

3.) Terry Crews has a small role in this. WTF?! His character is one of the highlights of the franchise with his auto shotgun of DOOM. WHY?! WHO THOUGHT LESS TERRY CREWS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!

Anyway, enough of that mini-review from me. The movie was rentable at best, so yes, due to the Expendables 3 being so gosh darn EXPENDABLE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles won again, because it was the...better movie... this week (WRITER'S NOTE: WHY HOLLYWOOD WHY?! WHY MUST YOU CONTINUE MY SUFFERING?!), earning the top spot with $28.4 million and having raked in $117.6 Million Dollars thus.. far...





Guardians of the Galaxy reached past the $200 million dollar mark earning another $24.7 million this weekend. It so far has eclipsed recent Marvel Wave 2 fare Thor: The Dark World which earned $222 million dollars and is on track to even dethrone Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which earned $260 Million).

No, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy Terry Crews and his magically wonderful auto shogun of DOOM:



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