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Fanboy Rampage: Rich Johnston vs. Dan Slott (Again)

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, September 15 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Fanboy Rampage: Rich Johnston vs. Dan Slott (Again)

What's good for the goose...

Source: Twitter

Usually, Bleeding Cool is right on top of locating disputes between notable comics personalities on social media and covering them in one of their Fanboy Rampage columns, but for some reason, they appear to be slacking on this dispute that took place over the weekend between Bleeding Cool's chief rumormonger Rich Johnston and Amazing Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott. In fact, we might never have noticed it if Slott hadn't linked to one of our message board posts as evidence in the argument. Luckily, The Outhouse is here to pick up Bleeding Cool's slack and make sure you don't miss an instant of the juicy industry in-fighting that occurred when Johnston met Slott.

The fight started up last week when Johnston took a quote from a podcast interview with Kelly Sue DeConnick that pointed out that DeConnick had never been to a Marvel writer's summit and used it as a springboard to start a dialog with Tom Brevoort over the lack of diversity at the summits. And by dialog, we mean Twitter flame war. Dan Slott soon joined the fray, never one to pass up an opportunity to get back at Johnston for the time Johnston fudged the timeline on a Marvel letter column in order to burn Slott in a Bleeding Cool article. In the wake of subsequent controversies, the article was removed from Bleeding Cool, but The Outhouse has a long memory. Here's what we had to say about it back then, on Christmas Eve, 2012:

Something like ten months ago, a nine-year-old boy, suffering from Leukemia, wrote a letter to Marvel Comics talking about how comic books inspire him, saying that he will beat Leukemia like Spider-Man always beats Doc Ock. According to SPOILERS from Amazing Spider-Man #700, out this week, Spider-Man's victory may not be as inevitable as once believed, providing what some heartless rapscallions might call an interesting juxtaposition.

Why on Earth would we make this connection? Why would anyone?

Well, most people wouldn't. However, most of the internet has been today after quasi-reporter, Grinch-like holiday ruiner, and probable sociopath Rich Johnston posted a scan of the letter on Bleeding Cool in a post titled "Um..."

As you can imagine, many were not pleased when Johnston used the plight of a nine-year-old cancer patient to make fun of Marvel. A furor broke out on Twitter, led by prominent writer Ron Marz and gun control activist Dan Slott (find their Twitter pages yourselves - we've had too much eggnog to be hyperlinking), who asked all of his own followers to unfollow Bleeding Cool.

Before long, Johnston edited the post, boldly claiming that he had meant the post to be inspirational. Shortly thereafter, conceding defeat, Johnston removed the image and turned the post into a half-hearted apology and explanation.


Thanks, Ghost of Christmas past!

We're normally fans of Johnston's work, and in fact we took his side the last time he and Slott butted heads back in February of this year over spoilers, but the Leukemia incident, henceforth to be known as Black Christmas, was so tasteless that it actually prompted us to change our 2013 slogan to "The Outhouse: Better Than Rich Johnston by THAT Much (imagine holding your thumb and forefinger millimeters apart)" in response. One great thing came out of it, however, which  was that Johnston, in an attempt to prove that he's really a benevolent friend to the comic book industry masquerading as a sleazy gossip peddler, went on the Brian Bendis message boards to proclaim that he was holding onto a secret that would destroy the comic book industry if released, and that was worse than the Jimmy Savile scandal, which, if you are unaware, involved over 450 pedophilia accusations. Read all about that here.

Good times.

Now that you've got all the backstory, let's see what happened when Dan Slott and Rich Johnston had the Twitter war to end all Twitter wars until the next Twitter war occurs. God, real life really is just like comics!

Wow! We can't imagine why Bleeding Cool hasn't posted this story yet! Seems like it would be right up their alley! Can you think of a reason??

Oh, in case you were wondering, here's the Outhouse forum topic Slott linked to during the debate above.


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