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Scott Snyder Fights for Your Right to $3.99 Batman Books

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, October 02 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Scott Snyder Fights for Your Right to .99 Batman Books

Truly, he is the hero we deserve.

Source: ThanosCopter Newswire

When DC Comics announced that Batman #35 would be jumping in price by a dollar per month, many fans were upset.  Some fans even threatened to drop the top-selling comic altogether, or even leave comics entirely rather than deal with the Big Two's latest attempt to gouge its steadily shrinking readership. Luckily, a champion has emerged to fight rising prices in mainstream superhero comics, and his name is Scott Snyder.

Snyder, the writer of Batman and a past winner of Comic's Sexiest Creator as determined by a panel of myself and Outhouse webmaster Jude Terror, sent out the following tweets earlier today.



Reaching out to our sources within DC, the Outhouse can confirm that a heated meeting took place between Snyder, DC co-publisher Dan Didio, DC editor in chief Bob Harras, and Batman artist Greg Capullo. Snyder made his case to keep Batman's price at $3.99 by ripping phone books in half and threatening to do the same thing to Didio if he didn't back down.  To emphasize his point, he then picked Harras up and held him upside down while Capullo gave the helpless editor in chief wet willies.  Snyder and Capullo then left the office surrounded by a crowd of cheering and admiring fans.

When asked to comment on Snyder's request to keep the price of Batman down, Didio responded to the Outhouse with "Who the fuck still uses phone books?"

While DC hasn't officially announced a price drop, we here at the Outhouse expect one shortly...if DC's editorial team knows what's good for them. 

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