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NYCC Shocker: Marvel Announces Weekly "Wolverines" Series Spinning Out of Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, October 11 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

NYCC Shocker: Marvel Announces Weekly

We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

Source: CBR

Today at the Death of Wolverine panel at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced a new WEEKLY series starting in January by Charles Soule, Ray Fawkes, and Nick Bradshaw, called "The Wolverines." That's right, directly following The Logan Legacy book which will see Marvel characters bemoaning Wolverine's death, we'll get a new "Wolverines" weekly. Could our long-theorized Crisis of Infinite Wolverines written by Jason Aaron's penis finally be coming to fruition?!

Well, not exactly. It looks like this will actually star Sabretooth, Daken, X-23, and Mystique, who we guess are calling themselves The Wolverines as some sort of team name. Ugh. Here's a quote from CBR's coverage of the panel:

"Sabretooth, Mystique, X-23, and Daken are, not a team, but have to work together," Soule said. 'This is not your save the universe book, this is, let's try to survive, do crazy things." The Wrecking Crew makes an appearance, and "Fin Fang Foom shows up, sort of," Soule said, adding that he's hoping for a "Nextwave" feel.


Ok, so that ramps down the sleaze factor just a bit. Yes, Marvel is doing everything they can to keep selling Wolverine comics after Wolverine dies in the shameless ongoing cash grab that is their entire publishing strategy, but at least it will be handled by a very talented creative team, and actually sounds pretty fun. Here's some covers from the series (who's the blacked out character? Please don't be Wolverine.) and a page of interior art.

Also at the panel, Marvel discussed two other previously-announced Death of Wolverine cash-in books, because seven issues of Logan Legacy just aren't enough for Marvel characters to mourn ol' Poochie. There's a one-shot called Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan, and then there's the five issue Death of Wolverine: The Weapon X Program by Soule and Salvador Larroca. Says Soule (from CBR):

"You have five new characters who are very closely tied in to Wolverine," some of whom debut in "Death," Soule said. "These are not heroes, they are not the super soldiers, they are lab rats," he said, describing the book as "Runaways meets Frankenstein."

Will Wolverine's name actually sell MORE comics after his death than before? He truly is the Canadian Jesus. Stay tuned to The Outhouse for updates.

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