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This Can't Be !@#$ing Real: Now Marvel Teasing New Civil War for 2015

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, October 13 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

This Can't Be !@#$ing Real: Now Marvel Teasing New Civil War for 2015

Following up on the rehashing of Secret Wars announced at New York Comic Con, Marvel is teasing a rehashing of 2005's Civil War for next year.

Source: CBR

In news that made me suddenly believe every other website in the blogosphere had turned into The Outhouse and was running satire articles, Marvel sent out a press release with a teaser promising a new Civil War in 2015, just ten years after the comic effectively began Marvel's never-ending cycle of super-mega-crossover events. After checking a few sites, however, I can confirm that this is a real thing they sent:

I just... I mean...

Look, I accept that the comic industry is constantly rehashing shit that worked for them originally thirty years ago, but now they're not even waiting that long. It was just 2005 when fucking Civil War came out. Though I guess ten years can make a big difference - look how much chubby Spider-Man has let himself go during that time?

Hopefully this is some kind of joke and Marvel isn't really planning on doing Civil War again right after they do Secret Wars again. If it's real, I may have to find a less embarrassing hobby to write about, like Live Action Roleplaying. I'll keep you posted on that!

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