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Outhouse Hopes to Exploit Wolverine's Death, Inevitable Return with ""

Written by ThanosCopter on Wednesday, October 15 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Outhouse Hopes to Exploit Wolverine's Death, Inevitable Return with

The snarky news site has created an easy to use resource to track Wolverine's status among the dead.

With Wolverine’s death officially in the books after today’s release of Death of Wolverine #4, fans of the furry Canadian are all asking the same question: “When will Wolverine be back?” Given the revolving door of death in superhero comics and Wolverine’s status as one of the premiere cash cows of the Marvel Universe, everyone knows that it’s just a matter of time before Wolverine is resurrected, blessing the world with his distinctive hairstyle and hairy chest once more.  

However, with the price of comics continuing to climb, not everyone is willing to buy every single comic Marvel produces in hopes of seeing the stone in front of Wolverine’s grave rolled out of the way.  Luckily, the Outhouse is here to help with, a new single purpose website that exists solely for the purpose of informing readers on whether or not that Crazy Canuck is still pushing up daisies.

“If you’ve read the Outhouse even once, you know that we hate Wolverine almost as much as we hate ourselves for continuing to read stories featuring him,” said Outhouse Editor in Chief Christian Hoffer.  “But we looked at Wolverine’s obviously temporarily death as an opportunity to provide a service to our readers, and also probably get a few extra hits per month.”

“We do like those hits,” added Outhouse Webmaster Jude Terror. “We’ll do just about anything to get some of them.”

In addition to answering whether or not Wolverine is still dead, “” will be updated weekly with comics in which Wolverine’s dead body, ghost or pre-death appearances are shown.  “We want to show that not even death can keep Marvel from still trying to use Wolverine as a way to make a few extra bucks,” said Hoffer. The site encourages fans to send tips about post-mortem Wolverine appearances to them on Twitter or Facebook. joins the Outhouse’s growing website portfolio.  The Outhouse previously launched in 2013 and received national attention for the snarky look at DC’s constant PR blunders. The site went on to become a rallying cry for DC’s many disenfranchised fans, who proceeded to suck the joy out of the website with their constant demands that the website be reset every time DC editor in chief Dan Didio drew a breath. 

With, the Outhouse hopes to attract additional whiny superhero fans to their readership, while simultaneously shutting up critics who claim that they never go after Marvel for any of their perceived affronts to comic book fans.  “Hopefully, this should clear up that we don’t just hate DC,” said Hoffer.  “We hate everyone.”

"Except for our advertisers," said Jude Terror.  "And Jonah Weiland, owner of CBR." 

Be sure to check regularly for updates on Wolverine's pending resurrection.


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