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Arrow Annotations: S3E02 - "Sara"

Written by Christian on Thursday, October 16 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Arrow Annotations: S3E02 -

A look back at the comic references and Easter eggs from last night's episode.

Welcome back to Arrow Annotations, the Internet's number one Arrow column. If you want to know more about the comics that inspired the TV show and random factoids about the latest episode of Arrow, you've come to the right place. Past articles can be found here.

If you enjoy this column, be sure to check out Flash Facts, my new column on Arrow's sister show, The Flash. And feel free to follow me on Twitter at @OH_IGW. Now onto the comic references!

Tommy Merlyn - Tommy Merlyn makes his glorious return to the show.  Despite dying in the season one finale, Tommy has now managed to appear in at least one episode every season.  He previously appeared in Season 2's "Three Ghosts".

Amazonian Warrior - Felicity compares Sara to an Amazonian warrior.  You know who else is an Amazonian warrior?  Wonder Woman.

3rd and Lemire - Jeff Lemire, the former writer of Green Arrow, gets a shout out by the show, as the street in which Tim Kauffman is killed is located on the corner of 3rd and Lemire.  Lemire Avenue was first introduced as a street of Starling way back in Season 2's "Identity".

"A death in the family." - Felicity explains to her work that she's taking the day off because of a death in the family.  While that's a pretty commonly used phrase, it's also the name of a famous 1988 Batman story about the death of Jason Todd.

Komodo - Komodo makes his first appearance in the Arrowverse.  Komodo was one of the central villain of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino's Green Arrow series. In the comics, Simon LaCroix was a business partner of Oliver's father, Robert, and helped him search for the totem of the Arrow Clan, which allegedly brought enlightenment to its wielder and granted its holder membership into the mysterious Outsiders.  LaCroix betrayed Robert and allegedly killed him, which directly led to the events that stranded Oliver on the island.  LaCroix later kidnapped Robert and Shado's daughter, Emiko, and raised her as his own.

Oliver learned of LaCroix's connection to his father when LaCroix bought out Queen Industries and killed its CEO.  LaCroix unleashed a furious attack against Oliver and his allies under the Komodo alias, hoping to claim membership in the Outsiders by killing Oliver and finding the Arrow totem.  After a series of confrontations, Oliver managed to put an arrow through LaCroix's eye and he was ultimately killed by Emiko after she learned who her true father was.

LaCroix's company, Stellmoor Holdings, was previously referenced in season 2 as the company Isabel Rochev worked for during her hostile takeover of Queen Industries. We covered it back in "City of Heroes".

AmerTek Industries - AmerTek Industries, the company building an oil pipeline, is a DC comics corporation most often associated with the superhero Steel.  In the comics, AmerTek is a military industrial company that manufactures several weapons designed by John Henry Irons.  After Irons discovers that the company is selling weapons to gangs, he quits the company and takes his designs with him.  AmerTek later sends employees to attack Irons and his family several times, hoping to stop him from interfering with their illegal activities.

I'm fairly certain that AmerTek has been mentioned on Arrow before, but I think I had written it down as Ameritech, and dismissed it as a generic fictional company.  My bad, guys.  I'll re-watch the first two seasons over the weekend and see what I can find.

Qurac - AmerTek is trying to drill in Qurac, a Middle Eastern company that only exists in the DC Universe.  We previously covered Qurac in the Arrow Annotations for "Suicide Squad".

Tom Weston- Komodo goes after AmerTek director Tom Weston.  In the comics, Col. Thomas Weston is the CEO of AmerTek, and a recurring foe of Steel.  He's played by Arrow stunt actor Gerald Paetz.  Paetz also did stunts for Watchmen, X-Men: The Last Stand and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Bludhaven - Komodo mentions he was getting drunk in Bludhaven the night of Sara's death.  Bludhaven is the temporary home of Nightwing and has been mentioned several times on the show. Bludhaven was first mentioned in Season 1's "An Innocent Man".

Corto Maltese -Corto Maltese is another fictional DC country.  We'll cover it in more detail next week since Oliver and company will spend most of their time there in the next episode.

And that's it for me this week!  Thank you for reading!


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