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Marvel Shocker: Dead Wolverine to Appear in The Wolverines #1 (SPOILERS)

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, October 17 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Shocker: Dead Wolverine to Appear in The Wolverines #1 (SPOILERS)

You didn't think a little thing like death was gonna stop Ol' Wolvie from appearing in comic books, did you?

Source: CBR

Thanks to a CBR EXCLUUUUSIVE report, The Outhouse has learned that Wolverine's corpse, which was coated in molten adamantium (surprisingly not a euphemism for Jason Aaron's sperm) at the end of the seminal (heh) Death of Wolverine #4, will appear in the first issue of The Wolverines, the ongoing weekly series starring Wolverine's pals and frenemies that will launch out of the Wolverine remembrance comic Logan Legacy.  At least, he'll appear on the cover:

While it's somewhat disheartening that Wolverine will continue to appear regularly in comics after his death, we always look on the bright side of life here at The Outhouse, so let's think about some of the positive aspects of having an adamantium-coated, dead Wolverine in a comic instead of a live, uncoated one. First, the death and solid adamantium shell will make it extremely difficult for Wolverine to engage in hypocritically lecturing his peers about morality, killing Charles Xavier, and putting children in danger. Second, look how close Wolverine's son, Daken, is able to get to Wolverine without Wolverine stabbing or drowning him. That's a huge improvement in Wolverine's fatherly disposition. Finally, though every female character in the Marvel Universe may still have a crush on the ultimate Mary Sue character, his kneeling position will make it extremely difficult for them to sleep with him, which should cause all superheroes with red-headed girlfriends and wives to breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

Look for The Wolverines, by Wolverine-killing hero Charles Soule, Ray Fawkes, and Nick Bradshaw, in January.

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