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Breaking: Rat Queens Co-Creator Roc Upchurch Arrested for Domestic Violence

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, November 19 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Breaking: Rat Queens Co-Creator Roc Upchurch Arrested for Domestic Violence

The alleged battery allegedly happened on October 31st.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Roc Upchurch, the artist on Image's Rat Queens, was arrested for battery against his ex-wife on October 31st. Bleeding Cool has independently confirmed that the arrest happened, and also posted a public statement from Upchurch's (estranged?) wife:

I’m in shock that I actually called the police this time anyhow. I’m in shock by all the things my husband had said and done to me just minutes before. I’m in PAIN…yes physical pain from him throwing me down two steps and my head hitting the floor, choking me to the point my neck feels as if it will completely snap off, smashing my face in over and over but that pain that physical pain that I feel even as I sit and type that is nothing in comparison to the emotional pain I feel, the mental pain I feel, the pain I feel when I look at my children.


Bleeding Cool also obtained a statement from Upchurch, telling his side of the story:

All I have to say is that I’ve wanted a divorce for years now because of her always wanting to fight, about everything. I hate fighting. I HATE it. And I’ve only been staying for my children. So when I actually decided to end it a few months ago she became even more of that person I wanted to be apart from. We’ve been separated for a couple months now but in this latest incident we decided to take our children out together for Halloween and she attacked me and I lost me temper and fought back. Which I shouldn’t have. I should’ve just walked away. I know…I knew it was wrong. So much so that when I heard the police had come to my friends house where I was staying that I immediately called them back to handle whatever needed to be done.


More details at the source link. The case has not moved beyond the arrest stage according to Upchurch (via Bleeding Cool). We'll keep you updated on this if we (and by we I mean Bleeding Cool) find out anything new.


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