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Marvel Universe Says Anyoung Haseyo To White Fox

Written by sdsichero on Thursday, November 20 2014 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Universe Says Anyoung Haseyo To White Fox

Will bring the Korean hero West.

Source: Marvel to bring over Korean webtoon superhero White Fox to the U.S.

Marvel Senior Vice President of Creative & Creator Development C.B. Cebulski made a trip to Korea last week as he announced on Twitter:


After recently announcing a crossover between Marvel & Japanese property Attack on Titan recently, could this Korean trip be for business? Looks like so! Cebulski attended DICON and announced that the Korean super hero White Fox will be appearing in the Marvel Universe.

White Fox was created by Young hoon Ko for Disney Korea's webtoon (web comic) Avengers: Electric Rain (published by Daum). The character is said to be based on the mythical gumiho (nine tailed fox) a shape-shifter often taking the form of a beautiful woman. In the Korean-flavored version the gumiho (also kumiho) seduces men in order to feast on their flesh. Hopefully this version doesn't do that. She may have electric powers. Westerners may be familiar with the nine-tailed fox via tha Naruto manga/anime or Pokémon's Ninetales.

The webtoon is currently on its sixth episode, and White Fox's origin will be explained in the ninth. The webtoon format is proving to be very popular in Korea, and features images lined up in a long vertical format. Readers scroll down for an easy read. Cebuski also expressed interest in bringing the webtoon format to the West.

No specific appearances in the USA have been announced yet.

Here's a promotional image for Avengers: Electric Rain:

Avengers: Electric Rain

Promotional video for Avengers: Electric Rain:

White Fox image:

White Fox


One wonders what Celbulski will be up to next?


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